How 9 Women In Wellness Stay Healthy On Holiday
How 9 Women In Wellness Stay Healthy On Holiday

How 9 Women In Wellness Stay Healthy On Holiday

Ever wondered how women in wellness stay on track on holiday? From morning rituals to supplements and virtual workouts, we asked them to share their secrets…
By Tor West


Cosmetic Dentist

I tune into virtual workouts. Sweat with Sana does workouts on Zoom, which means I can dial in from the hotel gym. If the hotel doesn’t have a gym, I’ll go on a long hike. I find walking at a swift pace one of the most effective ways to maintain a lean physique. 

A savoury breakfast keeps my blood sugar balanced. Eggs, avocado and greens keep me full for hours and I’ll often fast until dinner. I’m a huge advocate of fasting – I fast for ten days at Buchinger Wilhemi twice a year. If I don’t fancy eggs, I’ll have a bowl of nuts and full-fat yoghurt. 

My supplements always come with me. I was recently diagnosed with gut dysbiosis, a condition where your gut bacteria become imbalanced. Gut specialist Dr Sunni Patel has put me on a low-FODMAP programme. I also take Symprove, a liquid probiotic, in the morning, and Alflorex in the evening.

Self-care takes on a new meaning on holiday. I don’t set an alarm and will have at least one massage. I also set aside ten minutes every day to meditate – I use guided hypnotherapy via Ella McCrystal. Journaling has also been a game-changer – putting your emotions into words helps you better organise your thoughts and gain clarity.

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Founder Of A Body Forever

My number one holiday rule is to earn your downtime. Holidays are all about recouping but it’s still important to move your body. I make sure I get up in good time and go for a long walk, or do a virtual workout to keep my body mobile so I can then lie by the pool and rest. I always pack the ABF travel pack – it contains gliders, long bands, a Pilates ring, small resistance bands and thick fabric bands. 

I don’t drink during the day. I don’t track food, especially on holidays, but the one rule I do stick to is drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol during the day. I take 5HTP when I’m away, too – it’s a nutrient that boosts serotonin levels, which can help when you’re drinking more than usual. 

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Aesthetic Doctor

I start my day with a bowl of Bircher muesli. Oats are rich in fibre, wholegrain carbohydrates, plant-based protein, iron, B vitamins and biotin, which sets me up for the day. I also body brush every morning – it’s a great way to enhance circulation.

An anti-inflammatory diet keeps my skin in check. Regardless of where I am in the world, I eat lots of berries, green leafy vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts, olive oil and tomatoes, as well as foods rich in antioxidants, like asparagus, carrots, peppers and avocadoes. If there’s salmon on the menu, I’ll order it – fatty fish like salmon is full of omega-3, a potent anti-inflammatory. 

I always travel with supplements. The new Sturm Inside Sun Skin formula helps protect against UV exposure and fortifies the skin against sun allergies and prickly heat. It also enhances a tan thanks to antioxidants like beta-carotene. 

Movement is key. I love sports – I’m a tomboy at heart. You’ll find me in the ocean swimming or doing water sports, but I also love to play tennis and hike, as well as practice yoga and Pilates with Melissa Wood. Staying active is crucial for anti-ageing. 

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Founder Of Pilates By Bryony

Ankle weights and a resistance band can create endless workouts. I always start the day with 15 minutes of Pilates, and then try to do a long walk after breakfast.

Life is about balance. That said, I stay consistent and stick to a plant-focused diet with the exception of fish. There’s nothing better than fresh fish, bread and pasta on holiday. My ideal holiday breakfast is overnight oats with fresh fruit, avocado on toast with seeds, or an almond croissant. I always pack matcha powder and ask for hot frothy oat milk so I can make my own matcha latte. 

A pill box keeps my supplement game on track. I bought a clever travel supplement case on Amazon that’s divided into days – I love anything that keeps me accountable when it comes to wellness. As well as magnesium, 5HTP and probiotics, I can’t be without Artah’s Digest drops, which ease travel-related digestion issues.

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TCM Practitioner And Co-Founder Of Escapada Health

My diet is inspired by Chinese medicine. Nourishing the body with warming foods is a staple of Chinese medicine – this could be a spiced oat porridge with local fruit or scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado on toast. At a hotel buffet, I’ll often have a bowl of unsweetened muesli and ask for warm, plant-based milk to serve it with. When eating out, I try to stick to the five element diet – I avoid fried food, excess sugar, and rich, fatty meats, as in TCM these foods promote dampness, which can impede digestion. As a TCM herbalist, I always take a blood nourishing TCM herbal tea with me on holiday – this is a personalised formula that keeps me on track.

Self-care means everything to me, especially on holiday. I love an early morning dip in the sea while the beach is empty and use essential oils in the shower – eucalyptus is a fantastic anti-inflammatory mood booster. I try to avoid using screens as much as possible and spend time in nature – swimming, hiking or a qigong session on the beach epitomise holiday vibes for me. 



Founder Of The Louisa Drake Method

I’ll always book an active holiday. Exercise is an integral part of my life – staying active can be walking and exploring a new city, signing up to a walking tour, hiking or surfing. I’m a water baby so gravitate to all water-based sports when abroad.

It’s all about building a balanced plate. I use my hands to measure portions, which ensures my plate is always balanced. A serving of protein should be equivalent to the palm of your hand, a serving of vegetables the size of your fist, a serving of carbs one cupped hand, and a serving of fats one thumb. Hand-sized portions can help you track food choices, nutrients and energy simply and easily. 

Healthy snacks are a must. I always pack nutritious snacks when travelling and opt for light meals to avoid stomach problems. Fresh fruit, crudites with hummus, nuts, energy balls and water are my go-tos.

Powdered supplements are travel friendly. KALLA probiotics come in handy sachets and can be added to a meal or smoothie – they’re a great way to keep your microbiome balanced. Indi also does great, nutrient-dense powders to support your goals and keep you on track. 



Founder Of Deja

Running is a great way to explore a new place. However, given that my dosha is pitta (the Ayurvedic body type governed by fire), I try to run either in the morning or the evening when it’s not too hot, otherwise I can get overheated, which gives me a rash and skin issues. I always pack resistance bands, too, which are the perfect accompaniment to a Pamela Reif YouTube workout. 

I fast until lunchtime. Ayurveda believes digestion is at its strongest when the sun is at its peak, meaning lunch is a great time to have your biggest meal. I will then eat a lighter supper. I rarely eat breakfast, but if I do, I keep it light with papaya, granola and natural yoghurt to reduce insulin spikes.

I never travel without my tongue scraper. It’s the first thing I use when I wake up – it removes toxins, dead cells and bacteria which build up overnight. Plus, it’s made with copper which is antibacterial, and it’s small enough to fit in your washbag. 

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Aesthetic Practitioner And Reiki Healer

Pilates keeps me on track. The Pilates Class app is a game-changer as there’s a Pilates-based class for every mood, whether you want to start your day with a HIIT Pilates or finish it with a soothing, slower flow. I never travel without resistance bands – you don’t need much else.

I drop the rules on holiday. I intermittent fast at home, so really enjoy my breakfast when I travel. I start with fruit – pineapple is great as it kickstarts digestion – and a cup of earl grey tea with lemon. Then, it’s always poached eggs on gluten free toast with a fresh green juice and a coconut cappuccino. I sometimes switch it up and order a yoghurt and chia seed pudding, which is great for a dose of probiotics.

Milk thistle can be useful if you’re drinking more than usual. It gives the liver a helping hand and works well to keep your gut healthy. This summer, I’m packing JS Health Detox & Debloat.

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Founder Of Emerald And Tiger

Looking after my skin is important. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in my early thirties, and I am prone to breakouts, so I try to look after my skin as much as possible. A good SPF 50+ is essential and I swear by Avène’s cleanser for sensitive skin. Acupuncturist Ross Barr’s sleep and calm patches are also a travel must-have as is my Apple watch – I always look at my metrics at the end of the day.

Wild Nutrition supplements are my go-to. Its Endo Complex helps regulate my cycle and alleviates endometriosis flare-ups, which can happen when on holiday, while the Natural Glow vitamins are great for skin health.

I set aside ten minutes for reiki meditation. If I have space, I’ll pack my tuning forks to release feel-good hormones, and Mama Moon’s potions are great for intention setting. Every trip, I also pack a few of my favourite essential oils, which I use for the plane, meditation, baths and bedtime.



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