How To Cope With A Hangover

How To Cope With A Hangover

Splitting headache, a deathly appearance and a mouth as dry as a desert – waking up with a hangover is anything but fun. Fear not though, we’re here to ease the pain. Ahead of the incoming party season, these are our top tips for looking and feeling better…

Spritz Your Face

When crawling out of bed feels like your own mini Everest, reach for a reviving face spritz. Not only will it instantly wake you up, the hit of hydration will help parched skin. Pop the spray in the fridge the night before to up the ante on refreshment levels.

Scent Your Shower 

A shower will always make you feel more human and the healing power of essential oils can elevate this experience. Maximise your shower time by choosing an uplifting or energising scent – inhale and feel a little more awake.

Avoid Coffee

When you’re surviving on a suboptimal amount of sleep, it can be tempting to mainline the coffee. Because caffeine narrows your blood vessels and boosts blood pressure, it can exaggerate hangover symptoms, so it’s not a good idea. Plus, as a diuretic, it’s super dehydrating. Instead, try green tea. It’s significantly lower in caffeine and packed with healthy antioxidants.


As alcohol has a diuretic effect, it leaves you feeling very dehydrated – that’s why you wake up gasping for water. Getting as much fluid as possible is key. If water isn’t that palatable, juice or squash should also do the trick. If it’s a really bad one, make sure to down a Dioralyte electrolyte drink.

Try An Express Face Mask 

While you’re drinking your green tea and water, pop on a fast-working face mask and restore skin to its former glowing glory. Look for a product with exfoliating acids (such as AHAs) that will swiftly speed away dead skin cells to leave skin smoother and brighter in less than ten minutes.

Get Rid Of Panda Eyes 

Chances are, you’re sleep deprived and have the bags to prove it. Remedy the situation with quick-working eye patches. The right product can bring down puffiness, fade dark circles and bring brightness back to the eye area.

Fake A Glow

Give skin a helping hand in the radiance department with the addition of a glowy base. Choose a formula that hydrates and illuminates in equal measure and cheat your way to dewy, healthy-looking skin.

Try A Red Lip 

Alexa Chung’s favourite tip for hiding a hangover? A vibrant red lipstick. This pop of colour distracts from tired eyes or dull skin and helps brighten the whole face. As the saying goes, fake it until you make it.

Eat Smart

There’s truth behind the idea of a fry-up: eggs contain taurine, an amino acid that helps the liver. Though it’s probably best to stay clear of a full English as the grease can make sickness worse. Instead, rely on simple eggs on toast. Consider snacking on a potassium-rich banana too – the nutrient is known to be depleted after a night on the sauce.

Sweat It Out

If you can face it, a workout after a night out might help ease those hangover symptoms. Some swear by sweating out the toxins and the endorphin high is sure to make you feel better. Just remember, exercise is dehydrating so ensure you drink plenty of water before, during and after. 

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