How To Up Your Collagen Levels

How To Up Your Collagen Levels

Skincare is no longer your only route to a plump complexion. The nutricosmetics market (ingestible beauty to you and I) is expanding rapidly, with shots, powders drinks and supplements all aiming to boost your complexion from the inside out. We break down this trend and explain why you might benefit from incorporating a collagen-laced liquid into your regime…

Before we go any further, is it really important to supplement our natural collagen levels?

Yes! 75% of our skin is made up of collagen but these levels begin to deplete yearly by 1-1.5% from our early 20s. With some experts stating that by the time you turn 50, most individuals will have lost roughly 50% of their natural collagen levels which can result in skin thinning, sagging and fine, crepey lines. Depressing, we know.

So, how do these collagen drinks and supplements work?

Our bodies are filled with little fibroblast cells and they have one important job: to produce collagen. To make that happen, they need access to amino acids. Which is where these newly launched supplements and drinks come in to the picture. They aid in supplying our cells with these acids to ensure they can continue to do their plumping job. The collagen peptides inside these formulas then act as a feedback mechanism to trigger your own natural production of extra elasticity and bounce. Pretty clever, really.

Is it not better to just use skincare that’s enriched with collagen?

It’s true that collagen is already a key component in many of your skincare buys, and there’s no doubt these work to hydrate and boost the skin. But it’s also been reported that the results of your lotions aren’t as long-lasting as taking in collagen orally. This is because in a drink or supplement form, it can reach the deeper layers of the skin better, targeting the dermal layer which is where collagen loss is said to mainly occur.

Are they suitable for everyone?

Try to remember that most collagen drinks aren’t veggie or vegan-friendly because most of them are derived from either fish or pig’s collagen (porcine). But it’s worth doing your research if your keen to give these a try as all products aren’t created equal. For example, some won't contain bovine and are instead powered by vitamins, like Skinade. If you’re vegan but wanting to trial the trend, we recommend The Beauty Chef’s Collagen Inner Beauty Boost, made with probiotic elixir and organic berries.

Is there any actual proof of visible results?  

There was plenty of scepticism around these products a few years ago but recent research has proven there is real potential for these collagen peptides to improve skin hydration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. We’ve also been trialling them ourselves at SL HQ and have definitely noticed a brightening change in our complexions with a dewy glow to boot. Fancy trying the trend yourself?

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