The Industry-Loved Supplement Brand You Need To Know About
The Industry-Loved Supplement Brand You Need To Know About

The Industry-Loved Supplement Brand You Need To Know About

There are supplements, and then there are liposomal supplements. Where many supplements aren’t easily absorbed or stored by the body, liposomal supplements are intelligent gels designed to withstand digestion and absorb directly into the bloodstream. Altrient has been at the forefront of liposomal innovation for nearly two decades – which explains why its products are loved by everyone from nutritionists to the A-list. Here’s why they’re a cut above…

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They Get To Work Where They’re Needed

Liposomal supplements are the gold standard in the supplement world. An advanced form of supplement, they allow nutrients to be absorbed by the body more effectively than other delivery methods – think capsules, pills and powders. Nutrients in these intelligent formulas are contained in microscopic fat-like particles, a form which is far easier for the body to absorb, allowing for more of the supplement to get to specific cells or areas of the body. Think of liposomes as little bubbles that protect nutrients as they move through your body, guaranteeing your body gets the full dose. Having launched the world’s first liposomal supplement in 2004, Altrient continues to lead the way with its forward-thinking formulas. Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Ennis-Hill and friends of SL Trinny Woodhall, Dr Bibi Ghalaie, Dr Sophie Shotter and Caroline Hirons are all fans. 

Think of LIPOSOMES as little bubbles that PROTECT NUTRIENTS as they move through your body, guaranteeing you get the full dose.

They Support Health From All Angles

However perfect your diet or robust your supplement routine, some vitamins and minerals are trickier for the body to absorb and use, and this is especially true for water-soluble vitamins B and C. These vitamins also can’t be stored by the body, so a daily dose is needed. Altrient’s ground-breaking process ensures the nutrients in its supplements pass through the digestive system intact while being gentle on the stomach (even in higher doses) and supporting key processes in the body, from energy function to collagen production, and importantly for this time of year, immune support.

They’re Backed By Science

The numbers speak for themselves. Studies show that after taking three sachets of Altrient’s vitamin C daily for three months, skin elasticity will increase by an impressive 61%, and by 35% when taking one sachet daily for three months. If you start with Altrient's Vitamin C, expect tangible benefits for immunity, skin brightening and collagen stimulation. It provides a quick and effective solution to top up your vitamin C levels if you’re a frequent traveller, lead a stressful lifestyle, live in an urban environment or if you exercise frequently. Its vitamin B formula, meanwhile, provides 360° energy support, while its glutathione formula helps the body gently eliminate toxins, supports immune health and aids post-workout recovery. 

Each dose is equivalent to 10mg of an IV DRIP, which has tangible benefits for IMMUNITY AND COLLAGEN STIMULATION.

It’s The Brand Of Choice For Those In The Know

Speak to any dietitian, facialist or doctor, and chances are Altrient will be the liposomal brand they recommend. Using the highest quality ingredients and formulations to ensure maximum purity, each of its products is developed by scientists at its world-renowned laboratory and is at least two years in the making.

They’re Easy To Slot Into Your Routine

Whichever Altrient formula you choose, the individual sachets make staying on top of your daily dose simple. Simply squeeze the gel into a small amount of water and drink, or take directly from the sachet. All Altrient formulas are free from sweeteners, colours, wheat, gluten, yeast and dairy, so rest assured they’re supporting your health in every possible way. Moreover, all Altrient supplements are gentle on the stomach and have no negative side effects, making them the superior choice for winter wellness.

The Formulas To Keep On Your Radar…

Liposomal Vitamin C, £49.56

BEST FOR: Immunity & Skin

Maximised absorption for immune support
Contributes to collagen production
Protects cells from oxidative damage

Liposomal Vitamin B Complex, £58.86

BEST FOR: Energy & Metabolism

Supports energy production
Fights tiredness and fatigue
Skin, hair and nail support

Liposomal Glutathione, £94.96

BEST FOR: Antioxidant Protection

Supports the liver
Neutralises free radicals
Fights toxins and stress

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