Inside My Fridge With The Mac Twins

You may know them as the resident DJs on last summer’s Love Island, or as cheerleaders of all thing’s gut health, either way, the Gut Stuff, or the Mac Twins as they’re otherwise known, are a talented duo. We visited the twins, Alana and Lisa Mac to find out what staples they keep inside their fridge.

Identical twins Alana and Lisa were first introduced to the benefits of gut health through Professor Tim Spector and the Twin Research Department at Kings College. Despite having 100% identical DNA, their guts have only 40% of the same microbiota, which has led to their bodies behaving in different ways. Spurring on a lifelong fascination with the gut, the twins have used their knowledge and experience to launch The Gut Stuff – a brand aiming to empower gut health in everyone and inspire them to take control of it through food.

On the flip side, they’re also DJs – you may have seen them spinning the decks on the last series of Love Island. Proving balance is key: if you’re going to be doing shots of tequila on a Saturday night, make sure you remedy it with a shot of probiotic each morning.

We headed to Lisa’s London home to look at the fridge staples they can’t live without. From kefir to organic wine, here’s what we found…

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