Meet The Founder Prioritising BAME Women's Wellness
Meet The Founder Prioritising BAME Women's Wellness

Meet The Founder Prioritising BAME Women's Wellness

A pandemic report revealing Black and Asian people were disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 caught Simi Launay’s eye. It propelled the entrepreneur to research vitamins and minerals that could help build immunity, and how nutrition could help manage other conditions that are more common among people of colour. That’s how Sow Minerals – the world’s first supplement brand designed to support women from the BAME community – was born. Here, we caught up with Simi to learn more about her business and the healthy habits that keep her on track…
By Tor West

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Women of colour have different macronutrient needs. Supplements aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, particularly when it comes to people of African, Asian and Arab origins. For example, we have a higher requirement for vitamin D to maintain optimal respiratory and bone health, and need more B vitamins to keep energy levels topped up. Women from these groups also require more magnesium to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type-2 diabetes. During the pandemic, I was stunned to learn people of African, Asian and Arab heritage were four times more likely to die than their Caucasian counterparts. I spent months looking for a premium supplement to protect my family against the virus but struggled to find one – so I created Sow.

Quality matters. You can tell a good brand from a bad one by looking at the ingredients. For example, you should avoid supplements that contain anything listed as ‘other ingredients’. Also known as excipients, these can include bulking agents and fillers designed to bulk up the dosage, bind ingredients together and reduce the cost. The biggest culprits to look for are gelatine, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, potassium sorbate and any artificial colours and flavourings – these have all been shown to have adverse effects, from causing nausea and indigestion to being carcinogenic.

SUPPLEMENTS AREN'T A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL SOLUTION, particularly when it comes to people of African, Asian and Arab origins.

Life with a 16-month-old keeps me on my toes. Mornings are hectic in our house, but I try to create a routine that’s calming for myself, my husband and my son. We start each morning with a prayer for health and strength, and to express gratitude. My husband and I also either meditate together using the Calm app, or we complete the 5 Minute Journal – a science-backed journal that uses the healing power of gratitude to help you refocus on the good. It provides simple prompts such as things you are grateful for and daily affirmations – it’s simple but studies show it can improve self-confidence and protect against negative thought loops.

My mornings always include a workout. I love Muay Thai – a 7am session never fails to set me up for the day. I train two to three times a week. You’ll also often find me doing a mat workout at home or on my elliptical machine – I’ll put something on Netflix and jump on for 30 minutes. I also try to do reformer Pilates once a week – it feels like one big stretch.


I never eat breakfast. As a teenager, breakfast always gave me indigestion. As soon as I was old enough to govern my own eating habits, I cut it out. A few years ago, I learned that I had been unknowingly intermittently fasting. I can attest to the benefits – I feel sharper in the morning, am able to maintain a consistent weight, and my blood sugar levels are kept under control, which is particularly important for me as I have a family history of type-2 diabetes.

I follow an anti-inflammatory diet. I was born in Nigeria, grew up in the UK, and now live between Dubai and Portugal, and my husband is French, so we’re the definition of a multicultural household. I make conscious choices when it comes to food and love to be creative when it comes to recreating family favourites. My husband loves tartiflette, for example, but I’ll make my side with cauliflower instead of potato. I sometimes drink on the weekend, but it’s rare for me to drink during the week.

Avoiding sugar helps keep my skin and digestion on track. A few years ago, I was struggling with regular breakouts and indigestion, and was finding it hard to maintain a consistent weight despite exercising regularly. I read The Plant Paradox by Steven Grundy, which has fundamentally altered my approach to food and what I consider to be nourishing. I don’t follow it verbatim, but it’s given me a solid framework for making healthier choices – for example, I avoid refined sugar. When I have a sugar craving, I make something with red berries instead.

We have a higher requirement for vitamin D and need more magnesium to REDUCE THE RISK OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and heart disease.

Magnesium helps me unwind. When I feel stressed and need to unwind, magnesium makes the world of difference. Research suggests certain deficiencies – including magnesium – can put you at an increased risk of developing depression. Moreover, studies also show depressive symptoms are doubled in older British South Asian and Black Caribbean people compared with Europeans. If I’ve had a busy day, nothing beats magnesium. That and a deep tissue massage – it’s the best way to soothe mental and physical aches and pains. 

There are four supplements in the Sow range. Our hero product – and my favourite – is the Women’s Daily Multi Complex. It’s a complete solution that replenishes nutrient stores with a powerful blend of vitamins, such as fatigue-fighting vitamin B12, and mood and memory-regulating choline. It also encourages more balanced blood sugar levels and provides the body with key botanicals and DNA-protecting coenzymes. Immunity & Calm, meanwhile, contains nutrients proven to improve antibody resistance, supercharge the body’s natural defence system and encourage a peaceful mind. There’s also Hair, Skin & Nails, a potent blend of bioavailable multivitamins and botanicals to deliver longer, stronger hair and glowing skin; and a probiotic complex to help rebalance the trillions of bacteria that live in your gut. It’s also paired with gentle digestive enzymes to break down food for a happier stomach. 

SOW Minerals is available at You can also follow @SowMinerals on Instagram for more.

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