This Month’s Health & Fitness List

From the supplements worthy of a space on your bathroom shelf to energy-enhancing IV drips and sugar-free treats, here’s what you need to know about in the world of health and wellbeing this January…

Detox Kitchen x Thomasina Miers

Proving that healthy eating doesn’t need to come in the form of a lettuce leaf, the Detox Kitchen has long been the capital’s go-to for virtuous food that still feels indulgent and does good. The team has just unveiled a limited-edition collaboration with chef and restaurateur Thomasina Miers, quite possibly the ultimate way to fill your fridge this January, with dishes including chili non carne, chicken enchiladas and baked rigatoni. Get your health fix from 11th January online.


Exhale Coffee

If you can’t start your day without a strong coffee, supercharge your brew with Exhale Coffee, one of the first blends made from a special bean that’s packed with health benefits. Two years in the making, one cup of this nutrient-dense coffee contains the same antioxidant power as 12 punnets of blueberries, 55 oranges of 1.2kg of kale. While it’s by no means a replacement for fresh fruit and veg, it’s an easy swap to make if you’re looking for a January health kick.



If you struggle with your sleep, Morphée is one to keep on your radar. An ingenious, digital-free music and meditation box created in collaboration with French health experts, it offers over 200 session combinations – from guided meditation to soundscapes all designed to help you drift off. Offering a slice of mindfulness without the need for tech (you’ll need to charge it up, but the battery lasts around a week), this clever, and stylish, piece of kit, could well be the next big thing in wellness.


By Jam

Whether you’re a keen yogi or just starting out with your practice, these chic monogramed blocks, handmade by a small team in Hamburg, will fast become a workout essential. From a few extra inches in crescent moon to lifting you that little bit higher in a seated twist, these chic blocks will deepen your practice whatever stage you’re at. All My Jam blocks are made from sustainable and durable cork, so rest assured they’re doing their bit for the planet too.

Visit ByJam.Shop


Stock your snack drawer with Nibble’s low-sugar protein bites, one of the tastiest healthy 4pm treats we’ve tried in a while. Made from pea protein, plum purée, cocoa butter and natural flavourings, each pack contains around 100 calories and is packed with fibre and good fats without the sugar rush. Be sure to try the recently launched biscuit bites, too, a keto-friendly recipe made with cashews, cocoa butter and chicory fibre.



Proven to be five times better than water alone at cleaning fruit and veg, this clever spray contains three natural ingredients to remove pesticides, fertilisers and preservatives as well as fumes, dust and exhaust particles. Simply add one cap of concentrate to five litres of water, soak your produce for a couple of minutes before rinsing in clean, cold water and you’re good to go.


Love Your Gut

Proving there’s more to gut health than probiotics and sauerkraut, gut health specialist Dr Megan Rossi’s latest book cuts through the health noise. Offering insight into conditions such as IBS, SIBO, constipation and bloating, this must-read guide guarantees a healthier you. Megan has long been an advocate of eating 30 different plant-based foods each week, and the book is packed with her favourite recipes to make this easy – think banana, fig and courgette breakfast loaf and pistachio pesto pasta.


Purdy & Figg

Traditionally, hand sanitisers aren’t synonymous with luxury, but Purdy & Figg’s bacteria-busting formulas come in chic packaging and are delicately scented with essential oils such as sweet orange, juniper berry and rose to leave hands fragrant and germ-free. Created by an NHS nurse and a horticulturalist, the eco-friendly sprays are made with 70% pharmaceutical grade alcohol to kill 99.9% of bacteria and in a bid to minimise waste, you can also purchase glass bottled refills.



A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and botanicals, Lumity is a first-of-its kind supplement formulated to support healthy ageing from all angles. Unlike your average supplement, Lumity goes above and beyond to support your body round the clock – it boasts two formulas for morning and night, giving the body a supply of the right nutrients at the right time for optimal health. Take it for a month and prepare for better skin, glossier hair, improved sleep and mood as well as reduced stress levels.


White Night

Whether you’re recovering from an indulgent Christmas or looking for a dose of health come January, White Night’s medical concierge service has you covered. Offering IV drips from the comfort of your living room, book in for a glutathione drip to boost the liver, restore skin’s glow and reset energy levels; or try The Recovery IV, an instant dose of hydration made from a blend of vitamins and amino acids to revive the body in just 60 minutes. 


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