My Health & Fitness Rules: Nathalie Errandonea
My Health & Fitness Rules: Nathalie Errandonea

My Health & Fitness Rules: Nathalie Errandonea

Former ballerina Nathalie Errandonea founded NRG Barrebody after spotting a gap in the market for a barre class that was both challenging and relaxing. A fusion of sculpting barre, strengthening Pilates and meditation, Nathalie’s method is our kind of workout. From activewear to nutritional essentials, here are her go-tos…
By Tor West


Morning Routine…

The body thrives on routine. Countless studies show routines help you take control of your day and ultimately make better decisions, especially in regard to health and wellbeing. A repetitive routine can also be calming and put you in a more positive frame of mind. With two small children and a business, having a regimented routine is a no-brainer. Routine has always been ingrained in me – I started dancing professionally when I was eight, and routine and consistency were the pillars of my training.

My alarm goes off at 6am. After a quick gratitude check (I make a mental list of three things I am grateful for that day), I get up and throw on leggings and a jumper, and have a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon. Lemons are high in vitamin C and potassium, which supports skin health and immunity, and they aid digestion. Warm lemon water is also great for hydrating your lymphatic system. I then make my children breakfast and have a cup of coffee before a quick five-minute meditation followed by the school run.


Ballet keeps you healthy and mobile. I started dancing when I was three and enrolled in the Conservatoire Rosella Hightower, one of France’s leading ballet and dance schools, when I was eight. Unfortunately, I had to stop dancing professionally for health reasons, but my love for ballet has never gone away. After the birth of my second child, I started doing Pilates then trained as a barre instructor. There’s a real synergy between ballet, barre and Pilates – all three build a strong, lean body and improve flexibility, posture and mental strength.

It’s all about building a strong body. I exercise six to ten times a week, depending on my schedule. I teach live streaming and private classes daily, all of which are a mix of barre, Pilates and garuda, a movement method rooted in yoga, Pilates and dance. Garuda has all the benefits of a cardio workout while stretching the mind and body at the same time. It encompasses the scientific principles of Pilates with the breathwork of yoga as well as the grace and athleticism of dance.

It’s okay to mix things up. I recently started running, which I love. We just moved to the sunny Côte d'Azur, which has inspired me to do more activity outside. I try to run 2-5km every day and we also go for a family bike ride every Sunday. However, if I only have 30 minutes to fit in a workout, I’ll always go for a signature NRG barre class. It’s the whole package in a short amount of time – it raises your heart rate and within just 30 minutes you’ll feel the burn in your legs, glutes, core and arms.

Mobility and recovery also matter. With a background in classical and modern dance, I spent the initial years of NRG Barrebody prioritising strength and sculpting. While this is still very much a personal goal, I am now more aware of the importance of recovery, ideally in the form of mobility work. Mobility is often the most overlooked and undervalued part of a workout, but it’s essential. It can help ease tightness, prevent injury and support muscle recovery.


There’s a real synergy between BALLET, BARRE AND PILATES – all three build a STRONG, LEAN BODY.


Ernest Leoty reminds me of my ballet days. I love the brand’s timeless designs. My favourite is the Ilona bodysuit – it’s made with double-layered jersey, making it smooth and sculpting. It has just the right amount of support. For super soft fabrics, you can’t go wrong with Vuori.

The best sports bras provide support without constricting. Oysho is great if you’re on a budget while The Upside has a lot of stylish, fun designs.

I live in trainers. I’m currently obsessed with the new Nike Waffle One.


I don’t go anywhere without resistance bands. A set of light hand weights are integral to a good barre workout, but resistance bands can also be powerful. They may look innocent, but they pack a punch. Plus, they’re great for travelling. @MyOsteoLondon is a close friend – she recently launched her own set of looped bands, which have become a staple in my kit.

A Whoop band monitors my sleep. I’m fastidious about my sleep and always try to get at least eight hours a night. Sleep is the silver bullet to be able to stay connected and productive. The Whoop tracker is great, but now I’m getting into my running and cycling, I’m looking to upgrade for a more fitness-focused tracker – I’ll be putting a Garmin on my Christmas list this year. It measures your heart rate variability, which is a good indicator of how stressed your body is and how well it’s recovering.


Intermittent fasting suits me. I don’t eat between 8pm and 11am, five days a week. I’m not one of those people who wakes up hungry, so intermittent fasting works. There are so many more benefits to restricted time eating than weight loss – it can help the body build lean muscle, reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce inflammation, and enhance brain health. Over the years, I’ve found my body works better when I have a later breakfast around 11am – my insulin levels are more balanced, and I have more energy. I break my fast with a protein-packed brunch (usually a couple of boiled eggs with avocado on toast) then have a light lunch two to three hours later.

Protein is essential. Now I am in my 40s, protein is even more important – I aim for 1.5g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight daily. Not only does protein act as the building block for your cells, but it’s also vital in repairing and maintaining muscle tissue, aiding growth and supporting metabolism. Protein also keeps you fuller for longer and keeps hormones balanced.

Supplements keep me on track. I’ve been in a consistent supplement routine for the last four years and haven’t looked back. Prior to this, I was guilty of taking supplements on and off, but you need to stick with something to see the benefits. I swear by Artah’s formulas – they’re incredible. Its Essential GLA is made with borage oil, which has been shown to encourage skin healing and balance hormones. It helps maintain healthy oestrogen levels, improve symptoms of the perimenopause and reduce skin inflammation. The Skin Clinic is also fantastic – it works to stimulate collagen production for smoother, more glowing skin.

Ernest Leoty’s bodysuits reminds me of my BALLET DAYS. I love the brand’s TIMELESS DESIGNS.


I recently qualified as a meditation teacher. For me, barre and ballet are naturally mindful activities, and the two go together. My classes are all about strength, energy, mindfulness and connection to your body.

I’m a beauty junkie. I love a scrub, especially in the evening – I’m currently using one from a French brand called Altearah (@Altearah_Bio). It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. In the shower, I use Methode Physiodermie’s cleansers and can’t get enough of its Time Protect Body Cream and Bi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I don’t wear much make-up but swear by SPF. I buy Clinique SPF50 Super Defence City Block on repeat.

For more information or to book a class with NRG Barrebody, visit & follow @NRG.Barrebody.



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