My Health Rules: Chloe Hodgson
My Health Rules: Chloe Hodgson

My Health Rules: Chloe Hodgson

Chloe’s Pilates founder Chloe Hodgson has always been passionate about sport, but it was only after suffering a back injury that she became aware of the benefits of Pilates. Having taught in studios across London and the Cotswolds for the last ten years, Chloe’s online platform took off during the pandemic, and she’s now the go-to trainer for thousands of women worldwide looking to build a leaner, stronger body. From morning rituals to must-have supplements, here are the health rules she lives by…
By Tor West

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My alarm goes off at 5.30am. The first thing I do is take a shot of Symprove – a liquid probiotic – and then make a mug of hot water and lemon. Around 6am, I do half an hour of Pilates in front of my Lumie light, which is a great way to support the body’s circadian rhythm. If I wake up earlier, I’ll do ten minutes of meditation or breathwork before Pilates. I’m a creature of habit – movement is such an important part of my life and getting it in before the family wake up is non-negotiable. I’ll squeeze in other pockets of movement throughout the day, too – usually 45 minutes of strength work or yoga before lunch, a quick afternoon dog walk, and ten minutes of stretching before bed.

Intermittent fasting suits me. One of the most popular versions of time-restricted eating is the 16:8 fasting plan, which consists of a 16-hour daily fast and confining your eating to an eight-hour window. I’ve experimented with eating breakfast early and later in the morning and have realised I feel better when I wait a few hours. After my morning exercise, I’ll drink herbal tea and a black coffee before having my first meal around 12:30pm. My go-to is a couple of slices of my homemade gluten-free bread with almond butter. At the weekend, we eat breakfast as a family – we love overnight oats made with almond milk, berries and banana. 

I take supplements religiously. Prior to the pandemic, I used to take them occasionally if I felt I needed them, but now I take them daily. I take Altrient’s vitamin B and C sachets, Bare Biology’s omega-3 and collagen, and a strong magnesium powder (currently NutriAdvanced MegaMag) before bed. Studies show magnesium helps regulate the circadian rhythm and promotes relaxation, both of which can induce a good night’s sleep.

Where it was frenzied and intense, my APPROACHED to exercise is now SLOW and CONTROLLED.

My diet is predominantly plant-based. Most of the time I eat a vegan diet, but I occasionally eat eggs and fish, especially when I’m eating out. I try to eat organic when possible. Every week, without fail, I buy bananas, avocados, leafy greens, potatoes and a jar of tahini. 

You can’t beat a summery salad. If I’m at home in the evening, I love a salad with as many different veggies as I can fit in. I’ll add lettuce, rocket and spinach to the base (homegrown in my vegetable patch) and then add grated carrot, courgette, cucumber, chopped red pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado, as well as either baked or steamed sweet potato. Every week, I make a batch of green dressing that I keep in the fridge – blend together generous handfuls of basil, parsley, coriander, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, one date, a tablespoon of tahini and some water. If the weather is cooler, I love a red lentil and vegetable dhal. 

I don’t drink during the week. Over the years, I’ve found alcohol increasingly affects the quality of my sleep, but I wouldn’t say no to a margarita or glass of wine on the weekend. I eat lots of dates, berries and bananas, which help quash sweet cravings, especially mid-afternoon, but if I fancy a treat, it has to be a bar of Ombar dark chocolate. It’s made with antioxidant-rich cacao beans, is packed with billions of live cultures and is made without refined sugar, gluten or dairy.

My attitude to exercise has changed over the years. I used to be obsessed with HIIT and cardio and would occasionally do some bodyweight work, but never lifted weights. Now, I focus more on strength work, combining bodyweight workouts with resistance and lifting weights. Any form of resistance training is imperative for building healthy, strong bones and an improved metabolism. If I’m feeling tired, I won’t hesitate to take a rest day. Where it used to be frenzied and intense, my approach to exercise is now slow and controlled. 

Pilates is the secret to a stronger body. It will sculpt your abs, lower back, hips, glutes and arms, and increase body awareness, which can lead to a better posture. Doing it frequently will also give you a greater understanding of the musculoskeletal system, which is important for correct movement, and if you do ever get injured, then having a stronger body will lead to a quicker and more efficient recovery. 

You don’t need a reformer to do Pilates. It’s a common misconception that you need a reformer to get a good workout. In fact, advanced mat classes are the most challenging as you’re using your whole body all the time, without the reformer to support you. Mat Pilates may not seem as exciting or challenging, but many of my clients see results within just a few sessions. I often add in light hand weights and bands for an increased challenge.

Any form of RESISTANCE training is IMPERATIVE for healthy, strong bones and an IMPROVED metabolism.

Sleep is a vital pillar of wellness. I’ve always been a good sleeper but having a routine helps. As I’m up early and have young children, I’m usually ready for bed by 9pm. I try not to use my phone an hour or so before bed, read a few chapters of my book and if I have time, will have a hot bath with a generous handful of magnesium salts. Research suggests magnesium is better absorbed topically, and the time-old tradition of salt bathing is the simplest – and most relaxing – way to top up your magnesium levels.

Staying on top of sleep also keeps me sane. In the past, I’ve struggled with stress and anxiety, and having babies – especially a premature one – hasn’t helped. I have done lots of work on my mental health and now have a self-care toolkit, which I turn to when I feel on edge. Sleep is integral to this, as is exercise (particularly a walk outside in fresh air), breathwork and meditation, and eating well and avoiding alcohol. 

I see a physio every two weeks. This ensures my body is aligned and that my muscles are firing correctly. It’s also a great way to release any tension to make sure I stay injury free. In the winter, when my circulation and immune system need a boost, I have regular acupuncture.

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