Quark: The Healthy Dairy Option To Try Now

Quark: The Healthy Dairy Option To Try Now

With sales up by 40%, quark has fast become a healthy dairy alternative, replacing fatty creams and yoghurts. Whether you pour it over your cereal or use it as a tasty dip, there are abundant reasons you should add it to your next Ocado order – nutritionist Gabriela Peacock, is on hand to give us her top five…

1. The Calorie Count Is Low

Quark is technically a soft cheese and it looks a bit like yoghurt. Made from milk that’s been altered by the addition of lactic acid, it contains no added salt or sugar from the forming process, so naturally, it’s lower in calories (74 per 100g) compared to other dairy produce, which is why it’s considered to be a healthier alternative to cottage cheese or yoghurt. It doesn’t contain rennet either, which some cheeses do, so vegetarians can also enjoy it.

2. It’s Packed With Vitamins

In addition to its low-fat content, it also has a healthy dose of calcium, and vitamins A and B, plus plenty of good bacteria. In short, it’s jam-packed full of vital nutrients and minerals to keep your immune system and bones strong and healthy. It’s also full of protein, which makes it a very filling and satiating option, helping to control appetite and hunger pangs.

3. You’ll Find It Gentler On Your Stomach

It does depend on the production process, but if it contains live bacteria (mesophilic bacteria), then it’ll most definitely be good for your gut as well. It’s the live bacteria that helps you to maintain a healthy, happy digestive system, in turn allowing you to fully absorb all the goodness that passes through.

4. It Is Incredibly Tasty

Despite its slightly off-putting texture and stripped back ingredients, there is no compromise on taste. Think of it like a cross between Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese with a texture that’s creamy and smooth, making it easy to enjoy when combined with other foods. There are flavoured varieties available too.

5. It Can Be Adapted To Lots Of Recipes

The best bit about quark is it can be used as a replacement in both sweet and savoury recipes that usually call for dairy staples like cream cheese, yoghurt or cottage cheese. It can also be eaten as it comes with things like fruit and granola for a high-protein but low-fat breakfast option. Or, try spreading it over your toast as a creamy topper for a delicious snack. I recommend trying it in cheesecakes too, or in your pasta sauces instead of cream. Trust us when we say that taste won’t be jeopardised or affected in any way.

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