The Supplement To Try For A Balanced Gut

The Supplement To Try For A Balanced Gut

Looking to boost your gut health? With over 60% of our immune system based in the gut, keeping it balanced is key. But when it comes to navigating the digestive supplement aisle, what exactly should we be looking for? We reveal the latest offering from Bimuno that’s worth having on your radar. Here’s everything you need to know…

It Works To Increase Friendly Bacteria

Bimuno is a high fibre supplement which contains a unique, active ingredient, Galact ooligosaccharides (GOS) which works to top up the levels of the beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria) in the gut. It also works to boost other good bacteria that naturally resides in your gut, creating and restoring balance. The idea is that the more space taken up by good bacteria, the less space there is for any nasties to creep in. Pretty clever, right? As Bimuno is high in fibre, it travels through your digestive system intact, unaffected by heat or acidity. Ideally we should all be getting enough food for our good bacteria through diet, but research shows this isn't the case. 

It Starts To Work Within Seven Days 

Once the Bimuno Daily powder reaches your lower gut, it’s been shown to bump up healthy bacteria in as little as seven days. However, it’s worth noting that all of us process things at different speeds. Gut bacteria is associated with everything from immune function right through to digestion, so boosting your good gut bacteria is important. 

The Powder Is Completely Taste-Free 

If you’re worried about Bimuno interfering with your morning coffee, don’t be. It’s completely taste-free and comes in soluble powder form or in easy to take pastilles. Try sprinkling one sachet of Bimuno Daily per day onto your cereal or into your morning tea or coffee, or try keeping the Bimuno IBAID pastilles on your desk or by your bed so you remember to take them daily as this is the easiest way of ensuring it ties in with your daily routine. If you have a sensitive stomach, try starting on half a sachet for seven to ten days and increasing to a full sachet if well tolerated. Or, try the Bimuno IBAID pastilles as these contain a lower dose. 

It’s Suitable For All To Try

Unless you have specifically been advised to follow a low fibre diet, Bimuno is safe for all to try and is mild enough for children from the age of four years old to try, too. The aim is to help everyone improve the balance of bacteria in their gut. 

You'd Be Hard-Pushed To Find A Negative Review

Rated 8.7/10 from over 2,500 reviews on Trustpilot, it's safe to say Bimuno has accumlulated a loyal fan-base, with many raving about the brand as well as describing it as 'easy to digest,' and 'pleasant tasting.' 

Fancy giving it a go yourself?  Bimuno is available to purchase from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy, Wholefoods, Amazon and Get 10% off your first Bimuno product when you use the code SL10 at the checkout on

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