This Clever New Tampon Can Give You A Health Update
This Clever New Tampon Can Give You A Health Update

This Clever New Tampon Can Give You A Health Update

Whether you're nervous about going to a doctor for your vaginal health or simply can’t find time to get to an appointment, Daye’s DIY health kit will help you better understand your body and how to look after it. Here’s everything you need to know.

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About The Brand

Female founded and female powered, Daye is a gynae health start-up on a mission to close the gender health gap and help give women the tools to take charge of their bodies. From the world’s first virtual Period Pain Clinic to its new Diagnostic Tampon service, Daye is at the forefront of female health.    

Why Your Vaginal Health Matters

Daye aims to empower all women, at all stages of life. The NHS typically only screens for STIs, thrush and bactorial vaginosis (BV), when a whole host of other pathogens can cause the same symptoms.  Daye’s tampon  helps you figure out the exact cause of your symptoms, and then facilitates personalised treatment plans, maximising your chances of finding effective relief. 

Getting yourself down for regular STI tests can be a chore, but being proactive with your screenings is really important. Up to 70% of female STIs are asymptomatic and, if left untreated, can cause chronic pain and fertility issues. Similarly, if you are looking to start a family, checking in on your vaginal health ahead of an IVF cycle can increase your likelihood of success as certain pathogens can be toxic to sperm. And, as our bodies change as we age, the Daye tampon can help detect perimenopausal and menopausal changes so you can get a better handle on things and be proactive about your vaginal health, as well as personalise your approach to hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). 

The Daye tampon can give a THOROUGH EVALUATION of all the good (and bad) bacteria you’ve got living inside your vagina.

What Is The Vaginal Microbiome?

You may have heard of your gut microbiome, but you may not know that your vagina has one, too. Think of it as the finely balanced ecosystem of bacteria, yeasts and microorganisms that live inside your vagina to keep things running smoothly. If for some reason – like antibiotics, stress, poor diet or use of contraceptives – the balance is thrown off, your reproductive system is more vulnerable to infections. Recent studies show the vaginal microbiome might affect more than previously thought, making it extra important that we take good care of it and check up on it regularly to maintain vaginal and reproductive health. 

How It Works

Say goodbye to pokey swabs and uncomfortable speculums. The  Daye Tampon works exactly like a regular tampon. It is specifically designed to be as easy and pain free as possible. Like your usual tampon, the Daye tampon is equipped with a sustainable sugarcane applicator – making for a smooth and seamless insertion process. It is also free of any dyes, pesticides or fragrances to help reduce the chance of irritation. Plus, compared to a traditional swab, using a testing tampon can help to collect a bigger and more comprehensive sample of your microbiome. This means this method is not only easier to DIY from the privacy of your own home, but it can help give users a clearer idea of what's going on downstairs.

What Does It Screen For

The Daye tampon can give a thorough evaluation of all the good (and bad) bacteria you’ve got living inside your vagina. As well as detecting common bacterial infections, like BV and thrush, it can help detect STIs, perimenopausal and menopausal changes, and fertility-inhibiting microbes. It can even help you prepare for an IVF cycle, as the presence of certain harmful bacteria can make it less likely for you to have a successful IVF cycle. Given how expensive assisted reproductive treatments can be, screening your vaginal health ahead of time is a no-brainer.

The Vagina Flora: Decoded

Your sample will be able to tell you if you have good bacteria in abundance, whether any disruptive bacteria are present, or if your levels are out of range. These are some of the bacteria you might be playing host to in your microbiome.

• Lactobacilli Bacteria: These are the good bacteria in your vaginal microbiome. They are crucial for guarding against disruptions and recurring infections.

• Candida Yeasts: This one you may be aware of already – this is the culprit behind vaginal thrush infections.

• Anaerobic Bacteria: These are disruptive bacteria, and often cause bacterial vaginosis, which is associated with an increased risk of pre-term labour and miscarriage.

• Ureaplasma & Mycoplasma Hominis: These bacteria can cause inflammation in your reproductive system, impacting fertility or pregnancy outcomes, including reducing your likelihood to have a successful IVF treatment. 

• Chlamydia: One of the most common STIs, it presents as symptomless in 70% of women and AFAB individuals. Often undetectable, this infection can cause fertility issues and there are complication risks if left untreated.

• Gonorrhoea: This is another common STI that can impact fertility if left untreated.

• Trichomoniasis: Often misdiagnosed and very common, this STI presents with similar symptoms to BV and thrush, so can easily fly under the radar.  

• Mycoplasma Genitalium: The STI you’ve never heard of. This newly recognised STI has been linked to fertility issues.

All You Have To Do Now…

1. Order your kit online and get it delivered to your door
2. Activate your kit online by answering the medical questionnaire
3. Collect your sample and ship back to Daye’s partner lab (full of scientists who know their stuff)
4. Get your microbiome and vaginal health deciphered, in easy-to-understand results – straight to your inbox
5. Be connected to vetted gynae health specialists who can give tailored advice on treatments and after-care.

For more information and to order a kit, visit

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