Why Magnesium Is The One Supplement You Should Be Taking
Why Magnesium Is The One Supplement You Should Be Taking

Why Magnesium Is The One Supplement You Should Be Taking

Having problems sleeping? Lacking in energy? It could be down to a lack of magnesium. Involved in more than 300 processes in the body, magnesium plays a vital role in everything from our skin health to energy, muscles, hormones and blood sugar. But stress, alcohol and a poor diet can quickly deplete levels, making a magnesium deficiency more common than you might think. Thankfully, with its results-driven, science-backed formulas, Nutri Advanced has the solution. Here’s what you need to know…

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Tell Me More About The Brand…

Nutri Advanced’s science-backed products are a cut above. Founded in 1981 by Norman Eddie, a leading naturopath, who was frustrated with the products available in the UK to support his patients’ health, the aim was to bring specialist supplements to the UK from overseas. Today, Norman’s son Ken is at the helm of the business and, four decades on, its range of nutritional supplements continues to grow and win multiple industry awards. 

What Makes Its Magnesium Superior?

Following decades of research, Nutri Advanced’s magnesium range is made with magnesium glycinate, considered the gold standard because of its high absorbability and the fact that even at higher doses it won’t cause digestive problems. Studies have shown magnesium glycinate can also be particularly effective for ailments like insomnia and PMS.

Why Should You Take A Magnesium Supplement?

Our bodies naturally contain magnesium, but factors like medicine and diets filled with nutrient-poor processed foods mean some of us aren’t getting enough. What’s more, the magnesium content of plant foods is known to have decreased by as much as 30% over the last 60 years, which means we can’t rely on magnesium-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds to provide high enough levels of this crucial mineral in the same way we used to.

The range is made with magnesium glycinate, considered the GOLD STANDARD because of its high absorbability and the fact that even higher doses won’t cause digestive problems.

Five Reasons To Consider A Magnesium Supplement…

  1. You’re Stressed: Magnesium plays an important role in the stress response, and it’s a snowball effect, as being stressed can leave you at risk for magnesium deficiency, and magnesium deficiency can negatively affect the nervous system, making you more stressed.
  2. You’re A Gym Bunny: Anyone exercising regularly is at an increased risk of low magnesium. Muscle cramps are a sign your levels could do with topping up.
  3. You Eat On The Go: As a general rule, processed and packaged foods contain less magnesium than fresh foods. 
  4. You Struggle With Your Sleep: Magnesium is often nicknamed ‘nature’s tranquiliser’ and is a vital nutrient for restful sleep. At the same time, magnesium is needed for the body to both make and use energy, so it can support optimal levels during the day too. 
  5. You Enjoy A Glass Of Wine: While the occasional drink won’t have a significant impact, heavy alcohol intake has been linked to lower levels of magnesium. 

Give Your Health A Helping Hand With These Nutri Advanced Heroes…

BEST ALL-ROUNDER: Magnesium Glycinate, £20.80

Offering highly absorbable magnesium in glycinate form, this Nutri Advanced bestseller is a good place to start if you’re looking for all-round support.

Available here

BEST FOR ENERGY: MegaMag Energen Plus, £34.07

This fast-acting formula contains easily absorbed magnesium, as well as B vitamins for optimal energy levels and a unique amino acid proven to keep you firing on all cylinders.

Available here

BEST FOR HORMONES: MegaMag Fem Balance, £40

Add two scoops to a large glass of water to support hormone balance. Magnesium, myo-inositol, B vitamins and calcium support fertility, energy and the nervous system.

Available here

BEST FOR MUSCLE RECOVERY: MegaMeg Muscleze, £36.18

Give your muscles a helping hand with this gentle formula. It’s well suited to those who experience tired and aching muscles post-workout, and want to avoid cramps and spasms.

Available here

BEST FOR DEEP SLEEP: MegaMag Night Formula, £37.91

With magnesium to relax the muscles and hops to calm the mind, this soothing supplement will fast become a pre-sleep ritual.

Available here

BEST FOR PERIMENOPAUSE: MegaMag PeriMeno Plus, £39.90

This high-strength magnesium powder contains added botanicals to provide relief and support during the perimenopause and beyond.

Available here

To start your Nutri Advanced journey, visit NutriAdvanced.co.uk

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