Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To CBD Products
Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To CBD Products

Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To CBD Products

CBD has become one of those supplements everyone talks about – but it’s not always easy to know which products make a difference and which are just jumping on a bandwagon. To help you sort the good from the average, we asked some of the top women in wellness what they use…
By Tor West

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Natali Kelly

Aesthetics Doctor & Reiki Healer

“XLTC’s CBD muscle rub is great for painful periods. I also use it for pain relief from endometriosis and massage it into sore muscles after an intense workout. In the evening, a couple of drops of its CBD oil never fails to reduce feelings of anxiety and promote a blissful sleep. For the ultimate treat, you’ll find me booking in for the CBD massage at the Bulgari Spa. It’s a 90-minute treatment that uses CBD oil, hot stones and aromatherapy oils to melt away tension.” 

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Katia Narain Phillips

Author & Co-Founder Of Phyto Nectars

Lady A’s CBD gets my vote, especially its Everyday Healing Balm – a clever product that also contains ginger and lemongrass. It provides quick, targeted relief for aches and pains, and also helps to reduce inflammation. It’s a true modern-day remedy – it eases swelling, moisturises dry skin, eases stiff joints and even soothes sunburn.”

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Imogen Little

Founder Of Heal & Now & Craniosacral Therapist

“I’m a big fan of CBD, but quality matters. Over the years, I’ve learnt that a full-spectrum product is essential. This means it contains not just CBD but other cannabinoids, which help activate the CBD, making it more effective. Canna Ibiza’s products are great – the brand’s holistic approach gets my vote and I love the fact it’s farmed locally in Ibiza.”

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Nicki Williams


“CBD is fantastic when it comes to aiding anxiety, improving mood and sleep, and managing pain. One brand that has impressed me recently is Nutrivive. It goes the extra mile to make its product one of the best on the market, sourcing the highest-quality organic ingredients and using non-toxic extraction methods. Although the range is aimed at the menopause, CBD oil can help with countless symptoms.”

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Bryony Deery

Pilates Instructor

“I have arthritis and find Rains’s CBD Balm provides real comfort and relief from pain. It also helps me sleep if I rub it into my wrists and neck before bed. I love that it also contains all-natural botanical oils and extracts, such as shea butter, lavender, geranium and vitamin E.”

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Jasmin Harsono

Founder Of Emerald And Tiger

“I’m an avid user of Kloris’s CBD products. I’ve used its drops, balm and facial oil for a few years now. The facial oil is gentle on my sensitive skin and always leaves it glowing and radiant, while the oral tinctures support me in balancing and reducing endometriosis flare-ups. Grace London’s CBD rollerball is also a firm favourite.”

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Haylene Ryan Causer

Founder Of The Energy Studio At Volonte

“I use Grass & Co Ease from Holland & Barrett, which contains 500mg of CBD. I work out every day, so I use CBD as a natural relaxant to help calm my nervous system in the evening to promote a good night’s sleep. I take a few drops around 30 minutes before bedtime. I also love Charlotte’s Web edible CBD gummies.”

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Charlotte Townend

Private Yoga Teacher And Founder Of Wylder Retreats

“CBD and yoga go hand in hand. CBD calms the nervous system, restores balance and reduces inflammation in the body – all of which complement your yoga practice. My go-to CBD brand is Apothem Labs. I take the Defence drops morning and night to help with anxiety and sleep. I also love the Sculpt body oil, which smells pure and earthy.”

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Chloe Hodgson

Pilates Instructor

Kloris is by far my favourite brand. Its organic formulas are not only effective but safe to use and don’t contain any unnecessary fillers, preservatives, colours or flavourings. I use the CBD drops before bed – they always guarantee a deep sleep.”

Visit ChloesPilates.com

Anna Miller

Life Coach

“I’ve been using Bloomin Healthy’s CBD for almost a year but recently ran out, so thought I’d stop to see if I noticed a difference. I struggled to sleep without using it, which was proof enough to me of its efficacy. I’ve tried various CBD brands but this one works for me – it tastes good and is far less oily than most. It also makes its CBD with the whole plant and not just the seed and as it’s cold pressed it's able to preserve the purity, potency and nutritional value of its CBD.”

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Gaby Noble

Founder Of Exhale Pilates

“I was introduced to HYTN CBD oil when I was suffering with endometriosis. I used it to calm symptoms and still use it to relax my overactive brain at the end of a busy day. I don’t take it regularly, but dip in and out when I feel I need additional support.”

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Lucy Miller

Nutritional Therapist

“There is something in our brain called the endocannabinoid system – its job is to rebalance the body. This system can be supported by CBD and is vital for helping us deal with stress, anxiety and pain. There are lots of products out there, so beware of companies who claim to be able to cure or treat health conditions. Cytoplan is a reputable brand – it recently launched a premium CBD that’s in capsule form. Take it before bed for the best results. I’m also a fan of Dreem Distillery.” 

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