Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Single This Valentine’s Day…

From smug colleagues receiving flowers at their desks to the endless stream of #Valentinesday posts on Instagram, 14th February can feel like an ordeal if you’re single. But behind the cutesy posts and bragging, is Valentine’s Day really that great when you’re in a relationship? Here are seven reasons to be thankful that you’re single…

1. You Won’t Face Disappointment

Whether they got you a cheesy teddy when you wanted flowers, or a cinema ticket to see 50 Shades when you were hoping for a trip to Paris, one good thing about being single this year on Valentine’s Day is that you won’t have to fake a smile when presented with a gift you’re disappointed with. (It could also be a lesson in gratitude… but hey, we’re on your side.)

2. …Or Have To Compromise Your Evening Plans

Another great thing about being single this Valentine’s is you won’t have to sit in an overpriced restaurant filled with heart-shaped balloons, freezing cold because you thought bare legs looked sexier (despite it being February). Instead, you can spend the evening doing something you want to do; whether that’s making time for your hobby, indulging in a massage, or ordering a takeaway from a restaurant you actually like.

3. You Won’t Receive Unwanted Romantic Gestures

Some people love public displays of affection, others don’t; in fact, they view being serenaded in public, kissed on the Tube or sent a sentimental gift at work as a fear-inducing nightmare. If you fall into the latter camp, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you (probably) won’t come face-to-face with a romantic surprise this year.

4. It’s An Excuse For Extra Girls’ Time

Good friends are often the constants in our lives before, during and after our romantic relationships. Our busy schedules often leave little time to spend with people who we genuinely enjoy being around, so if you didn’t celebrate Galentine’s Day yesterday, or even if you did, why not ditch your date with the TV and celebrate some solid friendships tonight? Plus, if you meet attractive strangers when you’re out you can flirt guilt free… 

5. You’ll Save Money

We don’t want to sound stingy, but that expensive gift you bought for your ex but they never wore? Or that meal you paid for but they complained about for days afterwards? Not this year. If you don’t fancy doing anything tonight, you can feel smug in the knowledge you’ll have a little more left in your pocket to spend on yourself. Heck, use your evening in to finally plan that holiday or book that spa treatment which you can now afford thanks to your Valentine’s Day savings. 

6. You Won’t Have Bad Sex Because You’re Both Too Full To Move

Excuse us for lowering the tone here, but while great sex is often the ideal vision to end a romantic evening with, it’s rarely the reality when you’ve both stuffed yourselves with rich food and a few too many glasses of wine. Sure, we still try, but it’s usually far from great when we’re full, drunk and painfully aware we have to be up in six hours’ time to go to work. So this year, why not revel in the fact you can skip the whole faff of it? There will be far better times ahead… 

7. It’s An ‘Up Yours’ To Commercialism

What even is Valentine’s Day, other than an opportunity for various card-selling, chocolate-making, flower-shoving companies to up their earnings? If you agree, get political about your lack of participation; see it as sticking a finger up at consumerism. The long and the short of it is, it shouldn’t take a particular calendar day for people in love to celebrate their relationship, and if it does – poor them for being a slave to commercialism.
Finally, remember that it’s better to be single than in the wrong relationship – use today to feel thankful that you haven’t settled.

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