10 Reasons Why Your Female Friendships Are Invaluable

10 Reasons Why Your Female Friendships Are Invaluable

This week's National Girlfriends Day got us thinking… Whether you’re coupled up or unlucky in love, there’s one thing that no significant other could ever come close to replacing – our female friendships. Because the best thing about girlfriends is knowing they’ve got your back, no matter what. Whether it’s helping you get home after a drunken Saturday night or giving you a boost after another disastrous date, here are ten reasons why your girls are invaluable…

1. They tell it to you straight.

When it comes to advice there’s no messing around: your friends will be honest and open with you, no matter how awkward the conversation is. They’ll always have your best interests at heart, so even if they know it might upset you, they’ll only ever give you advice they know will help you in the long run.

2. They go into great detail. About everything.

You feel the uncontrollable urge to spill every last detail about whatever is happening in your life whenever you’re together. Every. Last. Detail.

3. They always have a glass of wine ready when you’re feeling down.

And probably another bottle chilling on ice.

4. They let you rant.

Even if they don’t agree with you, they’ll listen to you rant on about the girl you’re in competition with on Tinder, for hours on end.

5. They have your back.

Good girlfriends will always stick up for you. Whoever has upset you will feel the wrath of your binding friendship.

6. They’re experts in Facebook stalking.

Friendship rule 101. They’ll find empirical evidence within seconds that the guy you’re dating is in fact dating someone else and a total douche.

7. You share common ground. 

Your friends will always have insightful advice about work, men and money. They’re often going through the same, so no matter what advice they give, you know it’s from experience.

8. They let you go over and over the same issues.

There’s no such thing as ‘over-thinking’, good friends will happily be a listening ear to your analysis of a situation.

9. They always make you laugh.

No matter how down in the dumps you are, your friends will always know exactly how to cheer you up. Whether it’s watching your favourite chick flick or dousing you with wine, an in-depth friend sesh with your bestie will always make you smile.

10. They know you better than anyone.

A friend will never judge you. They know you inside out, and whatever it is that you’re feeling worried or upset about, they’ll know exactly what you need to hear to snap you out if it. And whatever advice they give you, you know you can trust them intrinsically. 

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