8 Apps That Could Improve Your Sex Life
8 Apps That Could Improve Your Sex Life

8 Apps That Could Improve Your Sex Life

In a world where tech has revolutionised numerous aspects of our lives, it comes as no surprise to see it permeate our relationships too. Whether you’re dating, in a long-term relationship or looking to build sexual confidence, the latest wave of apps are designed to encourage intimacy, increase play and shape the way you approach your most intimate experiences…
By Tor West


Best For Sexual Confidence

According to research by OMGYES, women who explore ways to make sex more pleasurable are five times more likely to be happier in their relationships and feel more sexually confident. Focused on exploring and teaching techniques related to female self-pleasure, OMGYES is on a mission to close the female orgasm gap. Enabling women to feel more empowered with their sexuality – and get to learn what turns them on and what feels good – the platform does a good job of sharing research and detailed instructional videos, and then getting you to try it yourself with guided assistance. Whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship, this intelligent platform will help you discover new kinds of pleasure you didn’t think possible.

Visit OMGYES.com



Best For Improved Intimacy

Coral founder Isharna Walsh says her experience of being sexually active but not necessarily educated about her sexuality and desire inspired her to create Coral. The app is full of practical exercises and short courses – subjects include ‘The Science of Sexual Response’, ‘How To Have And Help Others Have Orgasms’ and ‘Beliefs You May Have Grown Up With’. Each course takes around 20 minutes and is developed in partnership with sex counsellors and psychotherapists to feature interactive quizzes and personal audio stories. You’ll also find guided exercises for techniques like examining your own genitals and learning how to give good oral sex; as well as a discussion forum, where experts answer questions, and Pulse, a sex diary that allows you to track your progress.

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Coral App
Coral App


Best For Dating

A new app from the team behind Killing Kittens – the members-only club that hosts female-oriented sex parties – WeAreX is for open-minded individuals. A sex-positive dating app, WeAreX offers individual and couple accounts, and users can add a range of attributes to their profile, including gender, sexuality, relationship style, hobbies, desires, and sexual kinks and interests. Icebreaker questions are also provided to help spark engaging conversations, while the ‘Meet Tonight’ function will appeal to those seeking instant connections. Members can also purchase tickets to sex-positive events, and participate in in-app workshops, masterclasses and live Q+As with leading names in the kink and sex-positive industry. Like Killing Kittens, security is a priority – every account undergoes human-monitored verification to maintain a genuine community and prevent fake profiles, and clever anti-screenshot technology protects private moments.  

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Best For Erotic Stories

Created by women, for women, Dipsea is a subscription-based app that features hundreds of erotic stories, all between ten and 20 minutes long. Diverse in content, you’ll find tasteful erotic scenarios divided into characters and situations, all designed to stimulate arousal and sexual curiosity – some of the most popular stories include ‘Hot Vinyasa’, ‘My New Boss’ and ‘Office Hours’. Based on the idea that the female brain is an equally important organ when it comes to sex, Dipsea says its stories will your imagination run wild, give you the opportunity to manifest sexual wellness, feel more confident in and out of the bedroom, and let you discover what you already like, or might be into. A subscription also includes access to Wellness Sessions – a series of meditations, erotic breathwork sessions, dirty talk how-tos, love guides, and more. 

Visit DipseaStories.com



Best For Sex-Ed & Practical Tips

Feel – launching in September – is headed up by embodiment and sensuality coach Mariya Grinina. On a mission to help women reconnect with their body and destigmatise sexuality, the app offers sex-ed for the modern woman. From education and practical tips to courses and tools for healing and expansion, Feel will give you the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident with your sexuality. The app offers content from leading industry experts that deal with common issues – from struggles with orgasm (just 40% of women climax during partnered sex) to low libido, breaking down sexual taboos and unpacking sexual scripts, which have been ingrained in us from a young age due to family, religious and cultural beliefs. A must for those feeling stuck with their sexuality and those keen to delve deeper.

Visit FeelApp.co



Best For Mindful Sex

According to Ferly founder Billie Quinlan, guided meditations, erotic stories and self-discovery practices are the secret to better sex. The app focuses on pleasure by using the mind, through learning about physiology, and through mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Upon opening the app for the first time, you’re given a questionnaire to learn more about your sexual wellbeing, which dictates your programme. What follows is a series of audio guides, such as body mapping, which encourages you to self-touch and explore; audio erotica stories; guided practices to try out alone or with a partner; and more factual, podcast-style guides to the female anatomy. Whether you’re struggling with low libido, anxiety around sex, a lack of confidence or an inability to orgasm, Ferly will transform your sex life. 

Visit WeAreFerly.com



Best For A Holistic Approach

A science-backed, educational platform that trains the body for pleasure, Kama is one to bookmark if you struggle to get out of your head in the heat of the moment, experience performance anxiety and are looking to reconnect with your body. Based on a holistic approach that uses breath and touch techniques to shift the focus back to the body to increase sensation, the app offers mindful practices for all, regardless of your age, sexuality and gender. Learn from world-class experts and coaches with hundreds of tips, tutorials and courses – some of the most popular include a five-minute edging practice and a workshop on how to expand your orgasms – all made with soothing, expert voices guiding you through, ASMR-style. You’ll also get instant access to hundreds of sex tips with short, easy-to-follow videos.

Visit Kama.co



Best For Education

Like having a sex therapist in your pocket, Lover provides practical – and personalised – science-based strategies for a better sex life. First-time users of the app are greeted with a comprehensive assessment aimed at helping to figure out who you are as a lover and what you need to take your sex life to the next level. Armed with that knowledge, the app curates a list of goals and recommended, self-guided courses of video tutorials and exercises, designed by real doctors. A subscription also includes a confidential, 30-minute session with a sexual health expert to give you personal advice to help you reach your goals – whether you’re bored in the bedroom, looking for ways to naturally increase your libido, or want more satisfaction with a long-term partner. 

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