The Science-Backed Supplement Brand That Really Delivers
The Science-Backed Supplement Brand That Really Delivers

The Science-Backed Supplement Brand That Really Delivers

Supplements that promise real results are everywhere these days, but British brand elénzia stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking to get your energy levels back on track, want to support immunity, improve mood and bone health, or are keen to get on top of hormonal imbalances, its science-backed formulas have you covered. Here’s what you need to know about the range, including why its latest hormone formulas are setting a new benchmark for women’s health…

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The elénzia Concept…

A family led business, elénzia is on a mission to create a new standard of luxury wellness. Taking a modern approach to wellbeing, its natural health supplements are packed with high-quality ingredients and reflect some of the most common health complaints. From brain fog to insomnia and stress, elénzia has a remedy for you. The team has decades of expertise under its belt, enabling them to carefully select quality ingredients that really make a difference for better all-round health.

Who It’s For…

A game-changing range of supplements designed to deliver tangible results, elénzia offers targeted solutions for common problems – from supporting hormones to easing muscle aches. Bringing together science with hard-working, unique ingredients, elénzia's supplements are perfect if you’re looking for nutritional support that actually does what it says. All its formulas are backed by impressive studies, so rest assured these are supplements that will deliver.

It’s proven to RELIEVE UP TO 14 of the most common MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS, including insomnia and hot flushes, within 28 days.

What’s New…

elénzia's new MENOPAUSE AM and PM supplements have been expertly formulated to support you through every stage of your hormonal journey. Using science-backed ingredients, the two formulas are proven to relieve up to 14 of the most common menopausal symptoms, including insomnia, hot flushes and more within 28 days. Both formulas come in an easy-to-take gel format – either take directly from the sachet or add to water or a smoothie – and can be taken alongside HRT. With strengthening collagen and powerful botanicals, the AM formula improves brain function, energy levels, skin texture and regulates hormones; while the PM supplement encourages the production of melatonin to aid deep sleep. The night formula is also proven to ease anxiety by lowering cortisol levels, reducing hot flushes and night sweats, and building strong bones and a healthier heart while you sleep. Loaded with type 1 collagen, both formulas will also supercharge skin health and improve elasticity and hydration.

What Makes Them Different…

Unlike other supplements that claim to balance hormones, elénzia’s MENOPAUSE Duo has been designed to support women during perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause – a full-spectrum offering for anyone suffering from the most common symptoms of menopause. The brand has also joined forces with GenM, a brand-led movement aimed at enhancing the menopause experience for women across the UK. It’s on a mission to raise awareness about the 48 symptoms of the menopause, and endorse products and services to support the 15.5 million menopausal women in the UK. The new MENOPAUSE duo is GenM approved.


elénzia PROTEIN, £32

Why We Rate It: Made using pea and rice protein, each sachet of this plant-based formula provides a huge 10g of protein in small 20g sachet to aid recovery post-exercise, reduce hunger cravings and support sustained energy levels. Plus, because the protein has been broken down into peptides, the body can use 100% of the protein for maximum results. 

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elénzia SKIN, £65

Why We Rate It: This clever all-in-one solution for better skin health bridges the gap between nutritional and topical skin care. Delivering a dose of hard-working antioxidants, the daily sachets repair UV damage, increase skin luminosity, reduce redness and age spots, eliminate toxins, and supercharge collagen production.

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elénzia ENHANCE, £50

Why We Rate It: Proven to improve cognitive function and mental wellbeing, Enhance is ideal for those struggling with brain fog. A combination of antioxidants – think wild blueberry and polyphenols – and brain-supporting B vitamins will keep you firing on all cylinders. Studies show the supplement improves working memory by 60% and concentration in 40 minutes.

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elénzia IMMUNITY, £60

Why We Rate It: With ingredients that support and defend the body, this bestselling formula offers year-round immune health. It’s proven to reduce the return of colds and flu by 45% and significantly reduce illness severity by 80%. It also contains added fibre for gut health, which we know further supports a well-functioning immune system and keeps stress hormones balanced.

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elénzia ENDURANCE, £35

Why We Rate It: Whether you’re looking to support an active lifestyle or need a helping hand with stamina, energy levels and a sluggish metabolism, this clinically proven formula has your back. It’ll reduce muscle soreness, help metabolise bad fats, support liver function, improve the flow of oxygen to muscles during exercise, and reduce fatigue.

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