Why Now Might Be Time To Personalise Your Vitamins

Why Now Might Be Time To Personalise Your Vitamins

No supplement is created equal, so before you take anything, it’s best to ensure it’s something that’s suitable for you. For that reason, finding a completely bespoke supplement makes sense. Enter Vitl – its easy at-home tests help tailor-make a daily dose of goodness that perfectly suits your needs. Here’s how it all works…


It’s All About Bespoke Formulas

Even with a perfectly balanced diet, it’s not easy to get enough of every nutrient your body needs. Throw into the mix stress, sleep, hormones and seasonal fluctuations and it’s no wonder many of us feel like we’re operating below par – factor in your DNA, and things get even more complicated. This is where Vitl can help – through online consultations, blood and DNA tests, it’ll get to the root of your health concerns and provide doctor-approved supplements to counteract any deficiencies. Start with Vitl’s free online consultation, and within five minutes you’ll have a tailor-made multivitamin formulated specifically with your goals in mind – whether you’re looking for better skin, a restful night’s sleep or more balanced stress levels. You’ll be able to see which vitamins Vitl’s expert nutritionists recommend, as well as getting some personalised dietary advice.

A Supplement Routine Made Easy

If you want to get into the routine of taking supplements, Vitl’s subscription model will help you. Once you’ve ordered your personalised vitamins, they’ll be delivered straight to your door each month in letterbox-friendly packaging, so you never have to worry about running out. Plus, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked.

A DNA Test Takes Things Up A Notch

For wellness junkies looking to take things to the next level, you can further personalise your recommendations with Vitl’s easy at-home DNA Nutrition and Vitamin Blood Tests. The DNA Nutrition Test comes highly recommended. Simply take your own saliva swab at home and within two to three weeks you’ll receive a report detailing 40+ genes alongside personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations from a qualified nutritionist. An informative and simple way to find out more about your nutrition and health, the DNA test will explore your genetic disposition to certain nutrient deficiencies, how you metabolise certain nutrients and whether you’re likely to be gluten intolerant, among countless other markers. Plus, because your DNA doesn’t change over time, this once-in-a-lifetime test will prove a useful asset in the years to come – as your health priorities change.

Simple Blood Tests Can Help You Track Your Health

If you’re more interested in monitoring your health, try Vitl’s Vitamin & Cholesterol Blood Test. From a simple finger-prick blood test done from the comfort of your home, you’ll get an accurate picture of the nutrients you’re lacking and your cholesterol levels. A quarterly subscription, Vitl recommends taking the test every three months to keep an eye on any changes. You’ll also receive personalised dietary recommendations from a Vitl nutritionist, and the team can even formulate a bespoke pack of vitamins tailored to your results. 

Everything Is High Quality

In the world of supplements, it’s not always clear what’s good and what’s not.  The Vitl team believes that to reach optimum health, quality matters, which is why it goes the extra mile to source the most bioavailable form of each and every nutrient, meaning they’ll be optimally absorbed by your body and get to work exactly where they’re needed. For example, Vitl prides itself on using methylated folate instead of standard folic acid, and sustainably harvested krill oil instead of cod liver oil. Plus, each Vitl supplement is non-GMO and 100% free from synthetic fillers, bulking agents, sugar, gluten, artificial colours and preservatives. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, Vitl can make sure your vitamins are too. 

Whether you’re looking to establish a solid supplement routine or are keen to explore your DNA and what it means for your health, Vitl has you covered…

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