Workout At Home With SL x Barry’s Bootcamp

Workout At Home With SL x Barry’s Bootcamp

Next up in our collaboration with Barry’s is an exclusive 20-minute session designed to build upper body strength, as well as tone your shoulders, arms and back. Barry’s co-owner Sandy will lead you through the workout – here’s what you need to know beforehand…

A Strong Upper Body Is Multifunctional

“With more of us working from home and slouched over laptops and screens, building upper body strength couldn’t be more important. While a sculpted core is certainly something to aspire to, it’s only part of the fitness equation. Stronger arms, shoulders and back muscles will improve your posture and actually prevent you from slouching, while stronger muscles can enhance your other workouts, too.”

Again, It’s All About Intervals

“After last week’s abs and bum-focused workout, this week we’re returning to the 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds off format. This is my favourite way of getting the most out of your workout in a short period of time – it really works. Plus, you won’t need any equipment for this one – just a chair or a bench.”

If You Can, Work Hard

“Intensity is the name of the game here. Part of the hard work is taken care of for you, though. From a mental standpoint it helps to have assigned recoveries that are kept short because you know they’re coming and can therefore go for that one extra repetition – it’s a formula that works. Plus, we’ll be isolating one muscle group at a time, and then focusing on a different area, meaning you’ll be getting a break without knowing it.”

Those Looking For A Challenge Should Layer It Up

“If you have a little more time on your hands, layer this session with our previous workouts. You can add all three together to comprise an effective week of workouts – a beginner version would be doing the three sessions with a day of rest in between. Or, if you’re advanced, six sessions in six days with, let’s say, Sunday off. Or you could just pair it with last week’s core workout. This will give you a real feel of the classic Barry’s Abs and Arms class, a killer session that targets the biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles.”

Ready to get going? Tune into the workout here…

Stay tuned for the final instalment next week. For more information visit and follow @BootcampSandy.


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