Workout With SL X Tereza Halova

Workout With SL X Tereza Halova

Renowned for its feel-good classes, FRAME was created around the simple mantra that getting fit needn’t be a chore. With six studios dotted across London, FRAME's endorphin-fuelling workouts span 80s aerobics to restorative yoga – proof that there’s something for everyone when it comes to getting fit. And it’s Tereza Halova, one of FRAME's leading instructors, who’ll be heading up this month’s workout series. Here’s what you need to know before you get going…

Fitness is embedded in Tereza Halova’s DNA. Her father was an athletics coach, and by the age of three, she had stood on a pair of skis. By the time she reached her teens, she had been competing in athletics for seven years and later trained as a snowboarding instructor in her 20s. After training as a PT in Sydney, she stumbled across FRAME, where she now teaches some of the studio’s buzziest and sweatiest classes. Advocating a full-body approach to fitness, Tereza’s workouts guarantee serious results. Here she shares her workout rules…

Make Movement A Habit

“My approach is simple – move every day without putting too much pressure on yourself and do it because you love it. You don’t always have to train at 100% effort until you drop dead, and nor should you. Forget what you see on social media – you don’t have to lift weights every day nor do you have to run a 10k every week. Some days, your body may be up for a HIIT session; other days you may be more in the mood for a gentle strength session; or you may feel tired and in the mood for a walk. Tune into your body and give it what it needs on a daily basis – it’s all about creating habits. Once exercise starts to become part of your daily routine, that’s when you’ll start seeing results.”

Don’t Be Afraid Of Weights

“So many women are wary of lifting weights and stick with cardio. One of the biggest mistakes I see women making is spending too much time on cardio-based machines. If you’re working out on a stationary bike, cross-trainer or treadmill because you love it, great. But if you’re just doing it because you think it burns more calories, think twice. Resistance training is a far more effective way to burn body fat and build strength in one fell swoop – swap a couple of cardio sessions for strength training and see for yourself which works better. Some of my favourite moves when it comes to building strength include squat thrusters, Romanian deadlifts and bent-over rows. These moves tick a lot of boxes – they’ll raise your heart rate to build fitness and will improve strength and endurance. If you do have some free weights, don’t be afraid to go heavy – as a woman, it’s tricky to bulk up. Instead, you’ll look leaner and more toned.”

Stick With It

“Without being consistent, you’ll end up back in square one over and over again. In order to get better at anything in life, repetition is the key. Without being consistent and progressively overloading your body, you’ll find it tricky to achieve your goals, which may demotivate you in return, which may lead to you not adhering to a specific training programme. The end result? You may give up entirely. If exercise isn’t naturally in your blood, you may need slightly more discipline and determination, but consistency really is the best way to see results.”

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Slow

“Whether you’re completely new to exercise or are just easing yourself back in after the last year, don’t be afraid to scale things back. There’s no rush – it’s not a competition. Remember that staying injury-free should be your top priority, so focus on form, even if you feel you don’t need to. Start with a lower load (i.e. lighter weights) and higher reps, aiming for a workout to feel around 70-80% of your maximum effort. Don’t jump straight into what you were doing prior to the pandemic. Think progressive overload and consistency.”

Don’t just stick to cardio. Resistance training is a far more effective way to burn body fat and build strength.

Warming Up Is Just As Important As The Workout Itself

“You should spend around ten minutes warming up before every workout. This is crucial to prepare your body for what’s to come. If you can, try to include a 15-30-minute mobility session into your week too. This can be done on a recovery day or if your body is feeling particularly tired, in place of a regular workout. Yin yoga is also fantastic for your muscles, while a long walk will also get blood flowing and aid the recovery process. Mobility and recovery are often overlooked in a fitness programme, but mobility is so important for everyday life. As you age, your mobility declines – the only way to maintain it is to actively work on it.”

Strength And Mobility Go Hand In Hand

“Think about it – the more mobile you are, the more range of movement you’ll have. For example, you’ll be able to get deeper into a squat and you’ll have a better range of movement during a lunge. This will enable you to go further into any specific movement, allowing you to engage more muscle fibres, making you stronger in the long term.”

Get Involved With Resistance Bands

“A mini looped band is a seriously underrated piece of kit. Use one to activate your glutes (which can easily switch off when you’re sat at a desk all day) prior to a lower body session or a run. Meanwhile, long, flat resistance bands are versatile and can work everything from your arms to hamstrings. They’re light, affordable and don’t take up much space. You can perform pretty much any exercise with a resistance band – my favourite moves include an oblique twist, a single arm chest press and a single arm row. Try these out and you’ll feel the burn for yourself.”

A Bodyweight-Only Workout Can Work Wonders

“Don’t be fooled for thinking you can only get stronger with a pair of heavy dumbbells. In fact, your bodyweight can be just as effective as free weights. Plus, using your body means you can train anywhere, so there are no excuses. Over the next few weeks, expect plenty of bodyweight work to build full-body strength. First up is a full-body HIIT session but keep an eye out for sessions focused on the upper and lower body. It’s this balance that builds fitness and strength.”

Ready to get going? Join Tereza for the first instalment in her workout series: a full-body HIIT session designed to raise your heart rate and build strength…

For more information visit and follow @TerezaHalova.

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