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From influential figures to industry professionals, SL sits down to delve deeper into the topics that have us all talking.

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In Conversation With Emolyne Ramlov: Founder of Emolyne Cosmetics

26 Jul 2022

Georgie is joined in conversation by Emolyne Ramlov, founder of Emolyne Cosmetics. After years of trying to find lip and nail products that were an exact shade match, she decided to create a brand that would cater to those looking for coordinated colours. She discusses why she wanted to celebrate the colour and excitement of her roots and the inspiring names that define the inclusive spirit of the brand. The two also talk about the challenges of launching a business in a pandemic, the key lessons she’s learnt along the way, and where she sees things going next. Emolyne also explains how living in Denmark inspired the range. The entire collection can be found now at 

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In Conversation With Julia Haart: Her Unorthodox Life

5 Jul 2022

Georgie is joined in conversation by Julia Haart, designer and former creative director of La Perla and CEO of Elite World Group, one of the world's most eminent modelling agencies. The two discuss the latter's humble beginnings as a Russian immigrant and her subsequent immersion into an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. She describes life in the confines of Monsey and it's Charedi community, and how she journeyed from her life as a wife and mother there to a now secular Jew, dressing Kendall Jenner for the Met Gala, appearing on a Netflix reality TV show and becoming a key player in the New York fashion landscape.

Julia’s new book BRAZEN: My Unorthodox Journey from Long Sleeves to Lingerie is available now and everywhere books are sold!

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In Partnership With Barclays: How To Make Your Money Work Harder For You, Investing 101 & Where To Start...

4 Jul 2022

Join SheerLuxe Founder & Editor Georgie Coleridge Cole and special guests Clare Francis and Emilie Bellet to talk all things money, saving and investing. Topics include: why women should be investing, how to get started, how to make your money work harder and the pitfalls to avoid. Whatever age and stage of life you're at, the episode is full of invaluable advice to help you make the most of your financial future. Investing isn't for everyone. With investing your capital is at risk and the value can fall as well as rise.

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In Conversation With Steven Bartlett: Broke To Millionaire, Diary Of A CEO & Dragons' Den Host

24 May 2022

Steven Bartlett is a businessman, author and television presenter – not to mention a self-made millionaire. Describing himself as the 'Blackest, brokest' person growing up, he went on to found Social Chain, a social media marketing company that he exited in 2020, having merged, listed and valued the business at £200 million. Now the host of the immensely popular podcast The Diary of a CEO and the youngest-ever investor on the long-running BBC show Dragons' Den, he sat down with SL Deputy Editor Charlotte Collins to talk ambition, failure and his secrets to success.

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A Mother's Devastating Story & How She Is Driving Change For Young Men's Mental Health

19 Apr 2022

In this podcast we will be discussing mental health and suicide. If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or a crisis, you can call Samaritans on 116 123 or Text SHOUT to 85258. Or, if you need additional support, contact the NHS for mental health services.

SL Talks... Suicide Prevention

Georgie is joined by Clare Milford Haven, the former magazine editor who lost her 21 year old son James to suicide back in 2006. Clare tells Georgie what happened, the events that lead to James taking his own life, the measures she believes should have been taken and how it has affected her and her family. She explains why she founded James' Place, her charity, and how it helps vulnerable young men, and offers her valuable advice to those suffering from mental health difficulties, as well as their loved ones.

James's Place:

The Magic Sandcastle:

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Optimising Your Fertility, IVF & Everything You've Always Wanted To Ask

29 Mar 2022

Georgie Coleridge Cole is joined by health & beauty journalist Danielle Fox and fertility specialist Dr Malini Uppal to discuss everything surrounding IVF – a time filled with plenty of highs, but often some desperate lows. Here, they talk about Danielle's IVF journey after she discovered she couldn't get pregnant, and what Dr Malini can advise with her vast experience in the field of reproductive medicine.

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In Conversation With Iconic British Handbag Designer Anya Hindmarch

22 Feb 2022

On this week's podcast, Anya Hindmarch, an award-winning British designer, talks about her life, her own eponymous brand, expresses her passion in using fashion as force for good and many more. Anya also shares one of the key moments in her life such as the launch of her book 'If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair', whereby she mentions what she has learnt during her busy life, parenting and the advice she has received along the way. 

Anya's book- 'If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair' available at:

Shop Anya Hindmarch's Collection

Discover Anya's World

Anya's Café is located at the heart of the village, serving coffee, lunch, tea and early evening drinks.

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In Conversation With TikTok Sensation - Tinx: Internet Fame, Future Of Social Media & Advice To Young Women

14 Dec 2021

Charlotte Collins is joined in conversation by TikTok sensation Christina Najjar, aka Tinx. What began as a hobby at the beginning of the pandemic has catapulted Tinx into internet stardom, amassing 1.5 million Tiktok followers, 350,000 on Instagram and an entire sub-culture, in which her devoted followers hang on her every word. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Lauren Santo Domingo, she counts some of the world’s most glamorous women as fans, with the former even guest starring in a ‘Rich Mom’ video, a signature franchise in which she parodies wealthy women and their lifestyles. Part comedian, part guidance councillor, Vogue has dubbed her ‘Tiktok’s big sister’ - today, she chats internet fame, the future of social media and her advice to all young women.

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In Conversation... Eating Disorders with Hope Virgo & Renee McGregor

30 Nov 2021

This week, Charlotte Collins is joined in conversation by multi award-winning international advocate for people with eating disorders Hope Virgo and the UK’s leading sports dietitian specialising in eating disorders, Renee McGregor, to learn more about the disease and how it can be treated. From causes to surprising symptoms and side effects to how to treat and talk to someone you think may be suffering, the two offer a fascinating insight into the minds of sufferers and the advice and treatment that really works.

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Lorraine Candy & Trish Halpin – The Women Helping Others Navigate The Mid Life: Menopause, Children, Relationships & Work

9 Nov 2021

Georgie Coleridge Cole is joined in conversation by industry heavyweights Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin, former editors of Elle, Sunday Times Style, Red, In Style, Marie Claire and more. Now hosts of Postcards from Midlife the Podcast, the two are on a mission to help women make the most of their midlife and to change the narrative around what it means to be a peri- and post-menopausal woman. From laying the groundwork for your future self to understanding HRT and how to parent teenagers, the three discuss everything there is to know about facing this new phase of life.

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Talking To Your Children About Sex, Consent & Masturbation

26 Oct 2021

Georgie Coleridge Cole is joined in conversation by Georgina Blaskey and Cameron Long Tel, and Clare Faulkner, to discuss everything you need to know about having open, honest conversations with your children of all ages about sex. From the correct names for body parts to how open to be about your own sex life, to how to have conversations about porn, consent and everything in between, the four share their own experiences and advice for raising sexually safe, aware and confident young adults.

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The Woman Shaking Up The Beauty Industry: Venetia Archer, Founder of Ruuby App

13 Sep 2021

In Conversation... Venetia Archer

Charlotte Collins is joined in conversation by Venetia Archer, founder of beauty-on-demand app Ruuby. The two discuss the brand's stratospheric rise to success, from its MVP days to now, with over 1000 therapists on its books and 600 treatments on offer. Venetia shares the advice she's learnt along the way, her secrets to her success and everything else you want to know about her disruptor business.

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