Why & How To Use A Hair Oil

Hair oils are great for keeping dry strands looking and feeling more hydrated. But did you know they also protect against heat, enhance shine and nourish your scalp? Here, founders of Fable & Mane, Akash & Nikita Mehta, explain how to choose the right one for you, what to look out for, and the easiest way to incorporate them into your regime…

There Are Multiple Benefits

“There are so many benefits to hair oil that often, people use them without knowing why. Simply put, oil makes the hair stronger from the root, so it’s great for anyone struggling with loss or breakage. They also gradually protect your hair follicles, while also conditioning the scalp to promote better growth. If you look for oils with Ayurvedic herbs (like amla, ashwagandha and brahmi), you can bring dry, thirsty strands back to life, as these ingredients are incredibly nourishing. Always try applying oils as a pre-wash treatment – this allows it to soak into the shaft, making hair less vulnerable to breakage when it does eventually get wet.” 

It’s Important To Know How To Use Them 

“Application is where people go wrong. First, it’s essential to include a massage when you apply your oil. Just as a facial promotes blood circulation, a pre-shampoo massage will stimulate and bring nutrients to the scalp. Secondly, avoid using too much. You don’t want to block your follicles and you only need enough to hydrate your scalp and strands – that’s roughly a 5p size amount.” 

There’s Something To Suit Everyone

“We’re always asked whether you should avoid oils depending on your individual texture. The answer is no. Oil is good for everyone and every hair type as its sole job is to moisturise – which we can all benefit from. They’re one of only a few formulas that can truly penetrate the hair shaft for speedy results. If your hair is particularly thick, look for castor oil, which is known for its hydrating properties, and if strengthening strands is your main priority, look for ashwagandha on the ingredients list. This builds resilience to harsh environmental factors while keeping your scalp in peak condition.”

You Should Apply Them On Dry Hair 

“You’ll find hair oils are best applied directly to the roots on dry hair. Start the process by applying a few drops into your palms, then rub them together and evenly distribute the formula across your scalp. Take a zig-zag approach from the right side to the left side, creating circular motions with your fingers as you go. Apply a medium pressure until all the oil is absorbed, but keep it gentle to avoid any tangling or breakage. Then, move from a scalp massage to a hairline massage, using all your fingers to promote blood circulation. Finally, use your fingers to comb any excess oil through, starting from the tips and making your way up into roots to minimise snagging. Leave the oil in the hair for five minutes, or better still, overnight, so it’s fully absorbed.”   

The Shower Steam Can Work Wonders

“Before you rinse out your oil, allow it to sit in your hair while taking a shower. The steam will help open up the follicles and cuticles, enabling the oil to penetrate even deeper into the roots. How often you use them depends on your personal goals. For growth, we’d advise using one two to three times a week, but if you’re only looking to strengthen, then once a week is plenty.” 

Greasiness Shouldn't Be An Issue

“In general, oils shouldn’t cause your hair to look greasy as they are a pre-wash treatment. However, as a precautionary tip, make sure you rinse your hair well with water first, then foam shampoo in your hands for a thorough cleanse – do this twice if you’re prone to oiliness or excess sebum. Alternatively, if you want to leave it in for longer, comb it through before tying your hair up into a bun or a loose braid – you’ll still get the benefits, just without the greasy residue.”

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