A Guide To Dry Brushing Your Face

Dry brushing is typically associated with your body, but it can be beneficial for your complexion, too. From boosting radiance to refining your skin’s texture, it can make quite the difference. The key is to take a light-handed approach, while also choosing the right brush. Interested? Here, two experts explain all…

First, Opt For A More Delicate Tool

“Remember, the skin on your body is thicker, generally covered in clothes and benefits from a firm skin brushing,” advises Abigail James, A-list facialist and skincare expert. “Our faces, however, are much more delicate. We cleanse it daily, wipe it with cloths and use a light skincare routine, so any brushing should be thought of similarly – very light and gentle. That’s why if you’re going to incorporate one into your routine, it needs to be designed specifically for the face so that the bristles give the right amount of stimulation and never scratch. My warning is to those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin – avoid facial brushing altogether if you suffer with these issues as it can be quite abrasive.” 

Start Brushing In The Right Area 

“Begin by brushing across your décolleté, then out towards the shoulders, before focusing on the neck and brushing upwards over your ears,” says Tracey Woodward, skincare expert and Director of Strategy & Innovation at Modern Botany. “Gradually take the brush around your lips, then around the eyes, before finishing off at the nose outwards towards your cheeks. Always brush out towards the ears, then up to your forehead. Rinse your face with ice cold water afterwards for some extra stimulation.” 

Remember To Be Very Careful

“Facial brushing needs to be done with care,” adds Abigail. “When investing in a brush, buy one with shorter bristles as these will still stimulate lymphatic flow, but without much irritation. Make sure it’s very soft in texture and use it to gently sweep down and out over the skin. This will help support lymphatic drainage, carrying away any toxins for smoother, healthier-looking skin. If you’re using this type of technique and a soft tool, you can do this daily, morning or at night, always taking a very light-handed approach.” 

Practice Your Technique For Best Results 

“As mentioned above, the movement to take is always up and across,” advises Tracey. “This will stimulate your blood flow, bringing nutrient-rich, freshly oxygenated blood to the surface, which results in better tone and elasticity. It takes all of five minutes to do and really will have an impact when done correctly. It’s become a ritual for me. I’ve dry body brushed for years and noticed such a difference that I wanted similar results for my face. I’ve never had Botox or fillers, but this technique does plump up the skin just as well, and when done regularly, the results last far longer.”

Use It Alongside Some Oil 

“To keep irritation at bay and to give your facial brush some extra slip, try using it with an oil or cleanser,” finishes Tracey. “It allows the brush to glide more seamlessly. Even if you can’t afford a dry brush, a soft tooth brush will benefit you all the same – even just that slight stimulation is better than nothing.” 


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