10 Beauty Products To Have On Your Radar
10 Beauty Products To Have On Your Radar

10 Beauty Products To Have On Your Radar

With countless new beauty launches every month, it’s no wonder some end up flying under the radar. Here, we shine a light on ten of the best you might not have heard about already – from a game-changing face mask to the hair wax experts swear by.
By Rebecca Hull

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.

Precision Colour Pencils, £19 | 19/99

We love 19.99’s mini mascara, but we’d not tried the pencils until make-up artist Jenna Menard recommended them. Creamy and easy to blend, they make any look easy to achieve – be it delicate feline flicks or a general wash of colour. Some of the shades double up on the lips and cheeks – we recommend using ‘Voros’ and ‘Fiore’. For eyes, our favourite colour is ‘Notte’ – a deep, dark navy that makes a chic alternative to black.

Available at CultBeauty.co.uk

Professional Molecular Steam Rollers, £29.99 | Caruso

Spied backstage at the recent shows, these rollers look old-school but stylists trying to create instant volume love them. Heated by steam, simply add water into the box, plug it in then heat one roller at a time. The steam gives hair unrivalled glossiness, but it also holds the wave firmly in place without the usual drying effect. At £30, they’re affordable and they work for all hair types and lengths.

Available at Amazon.co.uk

XXX Hair Pomade, £15.99 | Cock Grease

Recommended by A-list hairstylist Patrick Wilson, this workable hair wax is one of the best. Great for creating the ‘wet’ look, as well as high ponytails and low buns, it always delivers slick, groomed results. The formula isn’t water-based, so you don’t have to worry about it drying out as the days wears on. It also washes out easily with normal shampoo. The only downside? It can be hard to get hold of, so snap it up fast when it’s in stock.

Available at Amazon.co.uk

20PCS Nail Soakers, £9.32 | Lurrose

Nail experts swear by these removal soakers. Whether you want to lift away gels, acrylics or just thick nail varnish, they work fast and are cleaner than the usual combination of cotton and foil. Fill each pod with your preferred removal formula and pop each one onto your finger. It’s a quick and easy process  – all you need is an orange stick to push away the excess.

Available at EBay.co.uk

Suction Black Mask, £2.85 | Pil’aten

This popular mask has won rave reviews, and it’s easy to see why. Just a thin layer applied weekly works hard to zap up excess oil and get rid of dead skin cells – particularly around the T-zone – to smooth uneven texture and diminish enlarged pores. Keep the layers light so it’s easy to remove after and once it’s dry (30 minutes) peel it off. You’ll see better glow almost immediately and your skin will be softer to the touch. You’ll also find make-up glides on easier and other skincare products  absorb better. A real game-changer.

Available at LadyMakeup.com

Solid Body Oil, £30 | ProShine

This chunky crayon-style body oil has been recommended to us more than once. The big, solid balm quickly transforms into a glossy texture, highlighting any area of your body with a youthful-looking sheen. It’s great for wet-look lids, hydrated-looking limbs and even works well with eyeshadows and powders if you want to give them a bit of shine. In other words, it does a bit of everything – all while nourishing your skin.

Available at TiltMakeup.com

S Carat Roller, £176.66 | ReFa

Make-up artist Val Garland loves this face tool. Plunge it into ice or keep it in the fridge, before running it over your skin to depuff and revive. It works all the muscles in the face and brings fresh, nutrient-rich blood to the surface for better glow. It’s expensive, but it will last you a long time – plus, it’s seriously satisfying to use. It won’t yield permanently taut results, so think of it as a quick fix – great before a night out.

Available at NinthAvenue.uk

The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver, £14.29 | General Pencil

Although this was designed to clean the kinds of brushes used with acrylic paints, the soap is so gentle, make-up artists swear by it. Free from any acids or abrasive ingredients, it has a waxy texture that breaks down all dirt and product build-up in minutes. Even better, it doesn’t leave bristles stiff or rigid – you’ll find they bounce back to their original shape to look good as new. It lasts forever, too.

Available at Amazon.co.uk

Deeptox Radiance Firming Serum, £85 | IRÄYE

New brand IRÄYE has been an instant hit with beauty insiders. A world first, it’s formulas activate lymphatic function topically to encourage better blood flow and cell turnover. The serum is especially popular – promising brighter, more sculpted and depuffed skin, it has a thin texture that instantly hydrates and smooths. It takes time to see results, but we were impressed with the visible improvement in our skin.

Available at IrayeSkincare.com

Bedtime Lip Sleep Mask, £18 | Jason Wu

Suffer with dry, tight lips? This overnight mask delivers results in just one use. Vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and shea butter work together to condition, soothe and get rid of dry flakes. Use a small amount to prep lips before you apply any colour on top – extra points go to the healthy-looking sheen it leaves behind.

Available at BeautyBay.com

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