10 Uses For Your Vaseline

10 Uses For Your Vaseline

Did you know Vaseline can fix more than just dry lips? A quick slick of the balm can help with everything from concealing split ends to taming unruly brows, as well as enhancing your lashes. Here are 10 ways to get the most out of it…

Clean Your Manicure

A small blob of Vaseline can double-up as a cuticle cream, but it can also ensure your manicure remains mess-free by acting as a barrier. Apply a thin layer along the edge of your nailbeds before you start to paint – this will catch any overflow of polish and keep the skin surrounding the nail free of colour. Trust us, it works. 


Conceal Split Ends

While it won’t reverse them entirely, Vaseline seals and locks in moisture in to prevent split ends getting worse. It even works in a pinch to strengthen strands and keep dryness at bay. Just be careful to apply a thin layer, and only ever use it at the ends of your hair – not the roots. 


Set Unruly Brows 

Soap for the brows is one thing, but a slick of Vaseline works just as well to set straggly hairs in place. Use a clean spoolie brush and a small amount of the balm to groom arches into place, ensuring you distribute product as evenly as possible. Expect instant glossy sheen which will enhance your natural colour.


Remove Stubborn Eye Make-Up

If you’ve run out of cleanser, pick up the Vaseline. A mixture of mineral oil and wax, it works to melt down stubborn formulas while retaining the skin’s moisture barrier, too. Just be careful not to get it in your eye – its oily properties can blur vision. If a little seeps in, wash it out with warm water. To safely remove your make-up, massage a small amount over the eye area until everything lifts off. You can also use a small amount on a cotton swab to clean up any make-up mishaps, or product fall-out.


Soothe Cracked Heels 

Some podiatrists claim a thick layer of Vaseline applied to feet post-shower can work wonders on dry, cracked skin. It’s a sealant, so it locks in water and retains skin’s moisture. Apply a generous amount, then throw on a pair of socks overnight to maximise the softening effects.


Eliminate Self-Tan Streaks 

Try rubbing a small amount of Vaseline along your wrists, ankles, elbows and knees before applying self-tanner to keep the formula from clinging to any dry areas. This will avoid tell-tale patchiness and streaks.


Create An Easy Highlight

Many make-up formulas now emulate the look of glossy Vaseline, so why not use it to create a similar look at a fraction of the price? Dab a small amount onto the highest points of your face for a naturally luminous glow. Remember – Vaseline can clog pores, so use a light-hand.


Remove Stains & Marks

Because of its oily components, Vaseline can be used to lift make-up stains from your clothes, pillowcases and bed sheets. It’s a great tool for repelling at-home hair colour, as well. Apply a layer along your hairline and ears to protect the skin from any staining. 


Keep Razor Blades Smooth

A very thin layer of Vaseline applied to razor blades can ensure they stay smooth and snag-free. The key is to make sure the blades are completely dry first, to prevent rust. You’ll find your razor stays fresher and safer for longer, with softer results post-shave. 


Transform Old Make-Up

Old pigments or crumbled eye shadow? Transform them with a slick of Vaseline for a more opaque finish. You can also use a small amount with lipstick to create custom tints – the same goes for your eyelids, too, if you want to create an on-trend eye gloss. 

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