11 Summer Beauty Hacks Worth Knowing

11 Summer Beauty Hacks Worth Knowing

If you’re finding your base no longer matches your tan or your mascara is melting off in the heat – fear not, help is at hand. Here, some of our favourite make-up artists and skincare experts share their best warm-weather beauty tips.

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Mix Up Your Base

Recommended By: Jennifer Oliver, Make-Up Artist

The Hack: “If you’ve caught the sun and your foundation now looks like it’s the wrong shade, try mixing your base with Clinique’s Sun Kissed Face Gelee. It’s one of the best multi-tasking make-up buys on the market and works fast to match your colouring to your new sun tan, while giving skin a bit of a radiant glow as well.” 

Get Sharpening 

Recommended By: Kenneth Soh, Make-Up Artist
The Hack: “Throughout the summer months, make-up pencils can begin to soften and go gloopy. To prevent this from happening, put them in the fridge for 2-3 minutes, then sharpen them. This will harden the nib so you can still work with feline flicks and sharp edges, instead of ending up with globules of product all over your eyes.” 

Invest In Depuffers 

Recommended By: Adeola Gboyega, Make-Up Artist 

The Hack: “I swear by Quantum Botanika’s Cryo Depuffers in the summer. Always in my fridge, they are the best tool for relieving inflammation, redness and irritation caused by summer allergies. Cryotherapy is a key component of many facials, as it really helps to give skin a glow and more youthful appearance – these do just that and are so easy to use. They provide great relief and reduce inflammation at speed – essential in the heat.” 

Lock In Your Lashes 

Recommended By: Sophie Tilley, Make-Up Artist 

The Hack: “In summer, I like to layer up mascaras. Begin by curling your lashes, then instead of using your go-to wand, apply a slick of waterproof mascara first. These formulas have extra strength when it comes to holding up your curl, while normal ones will only weigh the lashes down. Once you’ve applied a single layer, follow up with your go-to mascara for your desired effect – be it volumising or lengthening. Somehow, using two formulas together always works a treat and it’s the key to a lifted lash that goes the distance on a hot summers day. Start with Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara and follow up with Chanel’s Le Volume wand.”  

Play With Highlighter

Recommended By: Jessica Kell, Make-Up Artist 

The Hack: “When it’s warm or you’re on holiday, you don’t want your make-up to feel too high maintenance. That’s why it might be worth skipping pigmented powders or cream eyeshadows, as they can be faffy and take time to apply. Instead, just make the most of your highlighter. Use it over the centre of your eyelids –for an effortless glow that catches the light. My go-to is Hourglass’ Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick for a flattering, soft-focus sheen.” 

Recognise The Benefits Of Oil

Recommended By: Cat Parnell, Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist 

The Hack: “Oil locks in moisture and hydration which is essential come summer. But it does so much more than this, too. Simply add a few drops to your foundation if you want that super glossy, straight-from-the-beach look. It’s a great way to look super hydrated and dewy, but without any greasiness. It works well on everyone, but especially those with normal-to-dry skin. The amount you use is key, though – stick to just a few drops and really buff the formula into your skin for best results. Sheering out your base will also help it adhere better for longer-lasting wear.”

Invest In A Multipurpose Balm

Recommended By: Hannah Martin, A-List Make-Up Artist

The Hack: “Glossy skin is always on trend in the summer and the easiest way to cheat it is with good skincare. You don’t always need make-up – and multipurpose balms are here to prove that. I love Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream or Dr Pawpaw – they bring lacklustre skin back to life in a flash. The trick is to use a small amount and dab the formula lightly onto the cheekbones. It gives the subtlest glow with none of that metallic-looking highlight, which can often be ageing and unflattering.”

Go For Double-Duty 

Recommended By: Lois Moorcroft, Pro Make-Up Artist 

The Hack: “My favourite summer beauty hack is simple: use fewer products for a longer-lasting finish. Look for products that claim to be double-duty, like Supergoop’s Glow Screen SPF30 (highlighter and SPF) and Ilia’s Multi Stick in Dreamer (lips and cheeks) – both are my favourite multi-use buys for the warmer months and are so easy to apply – especially the latter which you can just scribble on and blend with fingers. Not only do these products save you time, they offer a fresher and more natural look than layers of make-up – no one wants that in the summer.” 

Dampen Your Tools

Recommended By: Cher Webb, Pro Make-Up Artist

The Hack: “If you find the heat is causing your eyeshadow to fade or break up, try wetting your brush pre-application. A light spritz of a setting spray on your brush head will dampen the texture and give the eyeshadow a magnet-like effect, drawing in all the colour and helping it stay put with zero creasing. It’s especially good on baked or metallic shadow formulas if you want them to go the distance.” 

Apply Faux Freckles

Recommended By: Kelly Dawn, Make-Up Artist 

The Hack: “Nothing says summer quite like a few freckles. After I apply my foundation and concealers, I’ll always use a small, pointed cotton bud with some cleansing water on it, then remove the make-up from my freckles and beauty marks. It’s a great way to create the illusion of a ‘no make-up make-up look’ too. You can also cheat freckles by using a product called FRECK, or by using a brown lip liner, dotting it across the nose or anywhere you want to create some subtle freckles.” 

Hack Up Your Hairspray

Recommended By: Chynara Kojoeva, Pro Make-Up Artist 

The Hack: “Summer always causes make-up to slip – especially around the eye and brow area. If the latter is your bugbear, get your hairspray out. Fill in your brows as normal – with a pencil or gel – then set them in place with a spoolie brush misted in hairspray. It’s an old hack, but it really does work to prevent them going wayward in the heat.” 

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