15 Beauty Lessons With Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley
15 Beauty Lessons With Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley

15 Beauty Lessons With Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley is the woman of the moment. The star of everyone’s favourite show, Bridgerton, she’s also just been snapped up as L’Oreal’s latest brand ambassador. A self-confessed beauty and fragrance fanatic, we sat down with her to chat about her favourite products, the importance of being kind to yourself and how she gets her hair that glossy…
By Rebecca Hull

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I love what L'Oréal stands for. It believes in empowering women and giving them confidence. That really resonates with me – I believe you’re capable of bringing your own dreams to life and I love brands that mirror that, so becoming a brand ambassador was a no-brainer. 

For me, make-up is special because of what it can offer. I didn’t grow up wearing make-up or obsessing over beauty products – even as a teenager, I experimented slightly, but never went wild. I started to understand as I grew up that I could use products to express myself, in the same way I could with music, dance, art and film. I love how you can use it to elevate yourself and play with different formulas to help you become who you want.

My beauty guru is Alex Babsky. He did my make-up for Cannes and is the definition of an artist. I always watch him so carefully when he does my make-up to pick up any tips. Everyone I work with for red carpet looks is so talented. I often say that stepping out for public events is like painting a picture with the team around you – so many factors are involved to ensure you get the best look, from the nails to the jewellery, the make-up to the photos. It’s an incredible process.

I believe you’re capable of BRINGING YOUR OWN DREAMS TO LIFE & I love brands that mirror that, so BECOMING AN AMBASSADOR FOR L’OREAL WAS A NO-BRAINER.

For style inspiration, I admire both Dua Lip and Zendaya. I also think Stevie Nicks, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Taylor Russell have great looks. They’re all so different but you can tell whatever they wear has real thought behind it. 

My favourite look I’ve worn was at Vogue World. I wore a pearl dress from Tamara Ralph Couture and Alex did my make-up – I’ve never felt so good. It’s a moment that will stay with me forever. 

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In my opinion, kindness outweighs physical beauty. I know it’s a cliché, but it doesn’t – and shouldn’t – matter what you look like. Kindness is very valuable to us all. If I meet a person who is kind, it immediately makes me feel warm and more rejuvenated in myself. What you put out to others should never be underestimated. 

Speaking of kindness, I really look up to my mum. Lots of people say this but she really is the person I turn to in all situations. She always has a special glint in her eye and carries herself really well. 

A disciplined but simple skincare routine is essential for me. I always cleanse morning and night and never go a day without moisturiser – this is the one product I can’t be without and preferably one with SPF so I can tick two boxes in one go. I love the L’Oréal Revitalift Plumping Water-Cream – it’s so quenching. If I need to quickly hit refresh throughout the day, I love a facial spray. I find they hydrate quickly and are often great for boosting glow. Sleep has a huge impact on my skin too, so I try to ensure I get enough of it, which is easier said than done. I can always tell in my face when I’ve not got a good amount.

The area I splurge on in my routine is treatments. Specifically, facials and massages. My good friend Emily Rose Lansley is my go-to for facials and nails – she really helps me switch off. Self-care is a privilege but it’s also important because it gives you time to regroup mentally. If you don’t have the means to get a facial or the time for massages, I also recommend meditation. It takes time to get into it, but I’ve really reaped the benefits. I love to invest in good, luxury bath oils, too – a good glug in a hot tub completely transforms my mind and mood. 

My favourite budget buy is hairspray. Who doesn’t love Elnett by L’Oréal Paris? It’s my go-to product and has been for years – long before I became an ambassador. I carry the mini can everywhere with me to tame flyaways and give my hair that groomed effect. It’s the best.

Speaking of hair, I love to keep it shiny. I am big on saunas, so I often put in some of the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Glycolic Gloss and let the steam supercharge its benefits. When I rinse it out, it always looks glossier, healthier and so much fuller. My hair is naturally curly and wavy, so keeping it moisturised is essential – I often apply nourishing masks and sometimes I’ll sleep in a silk mask to keep my curls in good condition. It really makes a difference. I eat lots of fish and omegas too – oily food is essential for healthy, shiny hair.


Reformer Pilates is my current addiction. It’s all about connecting your mind to your movements and it’s really helped my mental, as well as my physical health. I love Alo Studios when I am in New York and Los Angeles but they’re launching in London soon, which I am so excited about. I also love visiting fitness trainer Laura Quinn when I am in LA. She’s a ballet dancer and so disciplined – she’s helped me feel so strong and supple. 

I’m a big believer in electrolytes. Maybe I’ve been in the US too long, but there are so many fun liquids and powder-based electrolyte products I am enjoying right now. They make a difference to my overall mood and help me to feel more balanced – especially after a good workout. I find they help to boost my energy levels too. The KIKI Health Liquid Concentrate is my current go-to.

In my opinion, KINDNESS OUTWEIGHS PHYSICAL BEAUTY. I know it’s a cliché, but IT DOESN’T – AND SHOULDN’T – MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. What you put out to others should never be underestimated.

Fragrance is my beauty passion. I’ve got so many I adore, but my favourite has to be Ralli Eau de Parfum by Nakuna Helsinki. I actually dropped my last bottle in Las Vegas while I was getting ready, and I need to go and stock up on several new ones so I’m never without again – that’s how good it is. If you love rosy, floral scents that are a touch warm and never sickly sweet, I promise you’ll love it. When I want something a bit muskier and warmer, I wear Agua by Loewe. It’s got a masculine, animalistic quality to it that I love.

My parting advice? Go easy on yourself. As women, I think we can be quite hard on ourselves – especially when it comes to beauty and the standards out there. Listen to what you need as an individual and don’t deviate from that. Don’t compare yourself either – we all know comparison is the thief of joy. Drink lots of water, get rest where you can and always prioritise yourself. 

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