9 Skincare Experts Share Their 2022 Resolutions

9 Skincare Experts Share Their 2022 Resolutions

Whether it’s making your routine more sustainable, ditching certain formulations or adopting a ‘less is more’ approach, a new year is the time to reset your skincare routine. Here, nine top experts share the changes they’re making in 2022…

Michaella Bolder, Master Facialist & Skincare Expert

“I want to take more time for my evening routine. I want to focus on making it a ritual to keep my stress levels down – it’s no secret high cortisol levels often result in changes in our skin. With that in mind, I’ll be focusing on indulging my skin a little more before bedtime.” 

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AJ Sturnham, GP Specialising in Dermatology

“This year, I want to make time for a monthly facial treatment. I spend my day looking after other people’s skin, and while I am diligent with my own at-home routine, I struggle to do much more. I’ll be booking in for monthly Decree HydraFacials at my clinic in London. It’s a great way to maintain a healthier complexion year-round.”

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Dr Justine Kluk, Consultant Dermatologist 

“I want to be more mindful about waste in my skincare routine. I recently heard a statistic that over 80% of people recycle their kitchen waste, but only 50% recycle their bathroom waste. Since then, I’ve placed a recycling bin in my bathroom so that all my empties – the ones which can – go straight in there. I’ll also be looking at product packaging and hope to see more brands offering products that are recyclable, refillable or compostable. For instance, the Garnier Ambre Solaire Super UV Anti-Age SPF50 comes in a cardboard-based tube and contains 49% less plastic compared to the standard 50ml plastic tube.”

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Dija Ayodele, Skincare Expert, Aesthetician & CEO of Westroom Aesthetics

"This 2022, I vow to keep my monthly skincare treatments a high priority. As a practicing (time-poor) aesthetician, it’s easy to rely heavily on topical products, but consistent advanced treatments such as chemical peels and laser are crucial for maintaining my skin in its best health and nipping any problems in the bud."

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Abigail James, Aesthetician & Founder of Abigail James Skin

“Many may say this, but I plan to book monthly facials for myself. I don’t treat my own skin nearly as well as my clients and it’s something I want to carve out time for in 2022 – we all know the benefits of maintenance, so I plan to stick to it.”

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Teresa Tarmey, Expert Facialist & Skincare Expert

“My skin goal is to drink less alcohol. Since lockdown I’ve got into the habit of a glass of wine most days after work. I really see it in my skin. It’s dehydrating and full of sugar, so it’s something I’m going to limit to weekends only in 2022 – for as long as I can!”

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Debbie Thomas, Celebrity Facialist & Founder of D. Thomas Specialist Skin Clinic

“I plan to be kinder to my skin in 2022. This means less aggressive cleansing and peeling to allow my skin to balance and repair itself. Already I’ve swapped out regular acids for enzymes and I plan on using protecting ceramides daily. Less is more, as is using the right, effective ingredients.”

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Kate Kerr, Facialist & Founder of Kate Kerr London Skin Clinic

“I’ve got my skincare covered, but what I’m not disciplined about is supplements. I am aiming to take more in 2022 which I know will benefit me internally, as well as the health of my skin. The ones I’ve stocked up on are Lyma and Skinade – I plan to take these religiously as I know I’ll see results.”

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Nichola Joss, Skincare Expert & Creator of The Inner Facial

“Kindness to my skin is my primary goal for 2022. That includes being kinder to my body, which I’ll feed, nourish and replenish to encourage good skin cell turnover. I’ll also be topically protecting my skin with barrier and microbiome-repairing creams – something that’s a big trend (and rightly so) this year.”

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