10 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

10 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is now considered a beauty staple – and for good reason. Not only does it offer numerous health benefits, it can also be used as a breath freshener, make-up brush cleaner, hair mask and more. Here are ten ways to incorporate it into your daily routine, as well as when to avoid it…

Remove Stubborn Make-Up

Coconut oil is rich in fatty-acids, which offer seriously nourishing benefits, but it’s also thick and can easily block pores and lead to more breakouts. While experts don’t advise using it to moisturise, a small amount can help dissolve waterproof eye make-up or long-wear lip stains. Rub a little onto a cotton pad, hold it against your eye or lip, and allow it to melt with your body heat before lifting it away. You’ll find it melts everything away seamlessly, with no need to pull or tug. Trust us – stubborn formulas don’t stand a chance. 

Moisturise Dry Limbs

It may not be suitable for moisturising the face, but it can work wonders on other areas of the body where the skin is less reactive. Not only is it a great emollient, it works fast to repair and restore dry and damaged skin thanks to vitamin E, essential amino acids and lauric and caprylic acid – all of which form part of the skin’s natural barrier. Use it neat, or as part of another body product – we love Kopari’s Coconut Body Melt and Herbivore’s cult Body Oil. 

Clean Your Make-Up Brushes 

We all know how important it is to clean our make-up brushes, and coconut oil works wonders when it comes to dissolving grime. Take a tablespoon and massage it onto your brush head. Swirl the brush on a tissue, or in some water until the dirt begins to lift. Once finished, give your brush a final wash before letting it air dry.

Minimise Cold Sores 

Did you know coconut oil is a recommended treatment to stop the pain and itching of a cold sore? Thanks to its anti-fungal properties, it can also stop the underlying virus from getting worse or spreading. It’s not a long-term cure, but it's a decent quick-fix when you can’t get to the pharmacy. 

Get A Smoother Shave

If you’re in need of a shave cream but find yourself on a budget, coconut oil works just as well. While it doesn’t foam up, it acts just like a liquid oil, minimising nicks and allowing for a more seamless shave. You’ll find your razor glides through much easier, and you don’t need to worry about your razor blades clogging up either. 

Gargle For A Fresher Breath

Thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, experts advise using coconut oil as a breath freshener. We’re yet to try this ourselves, but you're supposed to gargle with a spoonful of oil for as long as you can to help clear up any germs. For fresher breath, cleaner teeth and healthier gums, it’s worth a shot. 

Treat Dry Hair 

Hair trichologists love coconut oil, but it can be difficult to wash out in its raw form. Instead, use it to moisturise and nourish dry strands. It works well on naturally curly or frizzy hair when massaged onto split ends, too. Apply a small amount and let it sink in for an hour or so – any longer and hair might start to get sticky and weighed down. If you do want to use it as a hair mask, don’t do so neat. Instead, look for products that contain it as part of a longer ingredients list – brands to rely on include Briogeo and OGX. 

Don’t Apply It To Spots 
Some believe coconut oil is a miracle zit fixer, but experts don’t agree. While its antibacterial properties should be beneficial for acne sufferers in theory, it’s incredibly occlusive in texture. In fact, out of all the oils, it’s one of the most comedogenic (pore-clogging) out there, so it’s more than likely to cause blockages and blackheads. If you’re prone to spots or breakouts, avoid using it on the face entirely. 

Nourish Ragged Cuticles  
Cuticles dry and cracked? Coconut oil doubles-up as a great remedy thanks to the skin-softening benefits of vitamin E. Massage a small amount onto nailbeds and around any areas of dry skin to moisturise and condition. It’s also known to strengthen brittle, cracked nails, as well as treat fungal nail. 

Invest In The Right Type

Coconut oil comes in many shapes and sizes, but experts agree you should keep an eye out for certain additives. A quick scan of the packaging and ingredients list will tell you what you need to know. Look out for pure, extra virgin raw coconut oil as it’s natural and gentler for those who are prone to sensitivity, while still being full of the beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E. 
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