10 New Self Tans To Use On Your Face & Body This Season

Even the palest of complexions can benefit from a golden glow come summer and thanks to self tan its possible to look and feel healthier whatever the weather. Happily, fake formulations have come a long way – there’s even a vegan tanning mousse – so now even the inexperienced can achieve a convincing natural look out of a tube. From weightless gels to clever, tinted creams, these ten new arrivals promise ease, a flawless tan and zero streaks.

1. Bondi Sands Aerated Self-Tanning Foam, £12.66 (was £18.99)

No need to be afraid with this pleasant-smelling foam. The subtle guide colour develops into a healthy golden hue that looks really natural. Vitamin E and jojoba oil keep skin nourished and hydrated, while the non-sticky formula dries down within minutes, you won’t even know you’ve got it on your skin.

Available at Boots.com

2. Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion, £37.50

This gradual body booster takes the edge off ‘first-day-on-the-beach’ skin, thanks to its pretty, golden tint that develops within days of application. Perfect for those new to tanning or anyone wanting something a bit more subtle.

Available at LookFantastic.com

3. Fake Bake Tanning Water, £24.95

As it’s a water, this feels easier and quicker to apply than a normal self-tan, but delivers a lovely, slim lining glow nonetheless. The nourishing formula of passion flower extract ups your skin’s hydration levels, too.

Available at FakeBake.co.uk

4. Isle Of Paradise Glow Clear Tanning Mousses, £9.97 (were £19.95)

Consistently well-reviewed, this tan brand’s latest offering is clear mousses that deliver vacation-deep colour without any streaks. Use a mitt and blend really well as the lack of guide colour can be a bit difficult to navigate, so don’t leave any area uncovered.

Available at Boots.com

5. James Read Gradual Tan Sleep Mask Face Retinol, £25

This hits shelves early in May, so consider this a sneak peek, but one that’s well worth having on your radar. We gave it a go overnight (as the name suggests) and were pleasantly surprised at the believable bronze finish. You wash it off first thing and need to apply it several nights in a row for the most noticeable effects. The best bit? The ingredient list is just as impressive as the results. With slow-release retinol and plumping hyaluronic, skin’s texture is refined and smoothed along the way. Oh, and remember to take it down your neck upon application otherwise you will notice the difference in skin tones.

Available at LookFantastic.com

6. Sienna X 1 Hr Self Tan Tinted Mist, £12.95 (was £15.95)

For those on-the-go, this is essential. Spray on and wash off after an hour and you have a tan that’s ready to go. Its subtle iridescence and super-rich colour also make it easy to see, and therefore, easy to blend out and cover up any mistakes.

Available at JustMyLook.com

7. St Tropez Bronzing Water Gel, £22 (was £33)

St Tropez have always been at the forefront of innovative tanning buys that work and their latest is no exception. Their recent survey for their Set The Tone campaign found tan is in the top three ways to feel confident, which sparked the launch of their latest bronzing gel. Designed to give you a flawless, streak-free tan, with a liquid formula that’s super easy to blend, this dries in under a minute and lasted for just over a week. We were really impressed with the lack of any biscuit-y smell too.

Visit Boots.com

8. Tan Luxe The Body Self Tan Drops, £42

A few drops of this silky tanning oil mixed into your regular body cream or oil delivers a natural glow that suits even the palest complexions.

Visit SpaceNK.com

9. Vita Liberata Tanning Cloths, £9

Tanning cloths may seem a bit strange, but these pre-moistened wipes aren’t dripping with tan, so you can expect an even colour that goes on lightly and seamlessly. Plus, they’re subtle and very believable on all skin tones. Perfect for covering bare patches on show, or when you want a quick, bronzing fix at a festival.

Visit BeautyBay.com

10. Nip & Fab Faux Tan Mousse, £11.97 (was £23.95)

There’s a lot to love about this new vegan mousse from Nip & Fab. Firstly, its quick to apply with deep colour that we found lasted up two weeks when applied over three days. It’s also packed with glycolic, so you get a gentle exfoliation along the way too. Clever.

Visit Boots.com

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