The Foot Socks That Will Revive Your Feet This Summer
The Foot Socks That Will Revive Your Feet This Summer

The Foot Socks That Will Revive Your Feet This Summer

Sandal season calls for a bit more TLC for your feet – and peels and exfoliating socks offer a quick at-home solution. Keen to give them a go? Here are the ones we rate…
By Sapna Rao

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Best For: Pampering

Rosé Toes Renewing Foot Mask, £10 | Patchology

This boot-shaped mask couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pop both on before or after a bath and let the mask’s anti-aging and antioxidant rich blend get to work. Ingredients include strawberry oil and pampering shea butter – both of which will keep your feet feeling soft and smooth. Meanwhile hyaluronic acid adds  hydration to combat dryness and flaking.

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Best For: Replenishing

Norwegian Formula Cica-Repair Foot Mask, £1.99 (was £2.99) | Neutrogena

Designed to bring dry and flaky heels back to life, this mask is seriously efficient. Start by washing your feet thoroughly and patting them dry, before popping on the gel foot socks. Satisfyingly cooling and hydrating, they offer instant relief. Remove them after ten minutes and don’t wash off any of the leftover goodness. Simply massage it in for long-term moisture.

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Best For: Your Heels

Moisturising Heel Socks, £13.50 | Kitsch

These ones target rough and dry heels. Reusable and therefore a more sustainable choice, the gel socks are great for hydrating and softening, as well as locking in long-lasting moisture. Just pop on your favourite body butter or body cream, apply the gel socks and leave them on overnight for a truly indulgent experience. The open-toe design means you can even paint your toenails while you’re at it.

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Best For: Calluses & Extreme Dryness

Dr Glycolic™ Soft Feet 7-Day Peel Socks, £18 | Beauty Pie

Pull on these comfortable socks like boots, tape them around your ankles and wait an hour. After removing them, you'll wonder if anything is happening, but allow at least four days to see skin begin to shed. Exfoliating glycolic and lactic acids, as well as natural fruit extracts, will gradually exfoliate over time, and deliver hydrating benefits.

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Best For: Exfoliating

Exfoliating Socks, £9.99 | Footner

These revolutionary socks promise to transform the look of your feet in less than an hour. They use an effective exfoliating solution that’s perfect for those with sensitive skin (there’s zero scrubbing required). Simply slip the socks onto your feet and use the adhesive strap to secure them in place. You can then slip your own socks over the top for a more comfortable fit and to give you freedom to move around while the socks get to work.

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Best For: Hydration

Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Bootie, £4.95 | BeautyPro

Marine collagen, shea butter and vitamin E are the key ingredients in this hydrating formula. Ideal post-holiday, these booties will thoroughly nourish the skin and add a cooling dose of peppermint. Give it just 20 minutes then remove them to reveal softer, suppler skin. Plus, we love that the formula is made without parabens, mineral oils, lanolin and petroleum

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