The New Multi-Purpose Skin Treatment...(In A Candle)

The New Multi-Purpose Skin Treatment...(In A Candle)

Just when we thought we couldn’t fall any deeper in love with one of our favourite wellness beauty brands, along comes a hybrid candle from NEOM – holistic, soul-soothing with skin-boosting benefits. Genius! Here’s everything you need to know…

First Off, Why A Multi-Purpose Candle?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a candle that doubles up as a massaging body oil, you’re not alone. But with numerous benefits and delicious aromas, they’re fast becoming popular. Cue NEOM’s Intensive Skin Treatment Candles, which are designed not only to create a seriously luxe experience, but also to cut down our time-consuming routines: “I am all for those multi-tasking products that do twice the stuff in half the time. These candles are designed to give you that ‘ooh and ahh’ moment, and they’ve changed the candle game forever,” says NEOM Founder and Creative Director, Nicola Elliott. Unlike hot wax that can burn you, these candles melt into a mixture of cosseting oils that nourish, soothe and aid weary, restless souls. “Just light it, take some time to inhale the hard-working essential oil blends, then drizzle over your skin and massage in the deeply nourishing warm oils, treating yourself to those relieving tension feels. I promise it’s worth it,” Nicola confirms.”

What Is So Special About NEOM’s Latest Offering?

These Intensive Skin Treatment Candles are available in their two signature fragrances; Real Luxury (de-stress) fragrance - an expert blend of 24 essential oils. And Tranquillity (sleep) which blends 19 pure essential oils. They help to relieve stress and help you prepare for a perfect night’s sleep (88% claim they had a more restful night’s sleep after using NEOM’s sleep programme). Thanks to the 100% natural fragrance of the candles, they’re not irritating on the skin or overwhelming to your senses either. Place one by your bath or near your shower to inhale and cocoon yourself into a state of serious calm.

So How Does It Help The Skin, Too?

We’re all guilty of neglecting our bodies and starving dry patches of some much-needed moisture. By regularly applying this thick wax-oil, you’ll not only strengthen your skin with cocoa butter and almond oil, you’ll also increase circulation thanks to the warmth of the product when massaged deeply in circular motions, allowing the special blend of restorative essentials oils to hit the bloodstream. The delicate, comforting scent will stay on your skin for hours on end, too. To use on the body, simply burn the candle (expect a hit of jasmine, sweet basil and lavender) for 30 minutes until a generous pool forms. Blow out the candle, then drizzle the oil treatment wherever your skin needs a little nourishment. You only have to wait for it to cool for two minutes pre-use as it’s formulated with a low melt point.

Anything Else To Note?

With 96.88% feeling more relaxed post-use and 96.83% claiming their skin was more nourished, it’s safe to say these therapeutic candles are backed by rave reviews – in fact, you’d be hard pushed to find anything but 5* credentials. Plus, given it can regularly be reheated and reused, they get a huge thumbs up for their sustainability credentials and lack of product-waste. Oh and because the little jug is dipped in real gold we say wipe clean and use for your make up brushes after you’ve used up every last drizzle too.
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