Quick Fixes For Dry, Scaly-Looking Skin
Quick Fixes For Dry, Scaly-Looking Skin

Quick Fixes For Dry, Scaly-Looking Skin

Good news if you’re someone prone to scaly-looking shins and dry patches – there are plenty of remedies out there. Here are our tried-and-tested favourites…
By Rebecca Hull

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Transforming Body Lotion, £22.50 | Ameliorate

Best For: Uneven Skin Tone

Why We Rate It: This popular lotion is full of acids and nourishing oils designed to cushion irritation. Backed by dermatologists, it’s proven to tackle keratosis pilaris (‘chicken skin’) through intense exfoliation and hydration. Ideal for the backs of your arms, thighs and anywhere prone to uneven tone, it works fast to deliver visible results. Just bear in mind the texture is thick, so it takes a bit of time to really work it into the skin. Impressively, up to 87% of testers agreed their skin was not looked, but it felt softer after use. 

Available at Boots.com

TriXera Lait Nutri-Fluide, £13.50 | Avène

Best For: Sensitive Skin

Why We Rate It: It’s no secret Avene is great for sensitive skin and its Lait Nutri-Fluide doesn’t disappoint. Deeply hydrating, it quickly nourishes dry elbows and shins to bring them back from the brink. We love the silky gel-like texture – it absorbs fast and feels instantly quenching. You’ll see results pretty much immediately, but the more you use it, the softer and less irritated your skin will feel. The subtle sheen also helps skin look healthier and younger.  

Available at Amazon.co.uk

SA Smoothing Cream, £15.20 | CeraVe

Best For: Under-The-Skin Bumps

Why We Rate It: Another one designed to tackle bumps, uneven tone and issues like body acne, this lotion contains salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to break down dead skin cells while hydrating at the same time. It’s quite thick, so use it sparingly, and try to apply it at night when it can fully absorb. You can also apply it post-shower when skin is damp. Results are visible within a week or so, but make sure you apply regularly for maximum pay-off.


Milk Body Cleanser, £22 | Fresh

Best For: Brightening Limbs

Why We Rate It: This smooth body cleanser is pH balanced for a gentle, conditioning wash. Brimming with vitamin E, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, it coats skin with a layer of hydration that lasts long after you’ve washed it off. The foamy lather only adds to the luxurious experience – just remember to use it sparingly to avoid getting through it too quickly. 

Available at Fresh.com

Good Body Skin, £20 | Kosas

Best For: Ridding Dullness

Why We Rate It: If dull, lifeless-looking skin is your main concern, try this from Kosas. It’s brimming with AHAs and fruit enzymes to remove dull, flaky skin, while allantoin soothes sensitivities and keeps moisture locked in. Whether you want to smooth out uneven texture, get rid of spots or ease tight, dry skin, this does the job. It’s also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog or irritate pores. Regular use will also help diffuse the look of scars and pigmentation, and the gentle formula means it’s also safe to be used in small amounts on the face.

Available at FreePeople.com

Skin-Smoothing Retinol Body Treatment, £33 | Paula’s Choice

Best For: Gentle Exfoliation

Why We Rate It: This bestselling body treatment uses retinol and skin-loving antioxidants to simultaneously boost skin’s tone, radiance and moisture levels. One of those products that makes a visible difference to dryness within just a few days, the fragrance-free formula never causes any irritation. Plus, it leaves limbs feeling silky soft, while the texture itself is lightweight, non-sticky and glides on easily. Dubbed a ‘game changer’ by industry insiders, it’s incredibly nourishing and works well to hydrate the body. Just be sure to follow up with an SPF if you go outside. 

Available at PaulasChoice.co.uk

Body Oil, £30 | Jordan Samuel

Best For: Non-Greasy Hydration

Why We Rate It: Many fear body oils will be too heavy or sticky, but this one from Jordan Samuel is lightweight and sheer. Despite being on the more expensive side, the rave reviews are testament to the results. Using seed oils and squalane, it quickly absorbs, flooding limbs with non-greasy hydration and a glossy-looking shine. A great quick fix, slather this on to mop up dry patches in a flash. Ideal for an evening out, it gives legs and areas like the chest a plump, smooth and healthy look. 

Available at CultBeauty.co.uk

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