Why The Soap Bar Is Having A Moment

Why The Soap Bar Is Having A Moment

Sales of the humble soap bar are increasing faster than that of of liquid soaps or shower gels. From its sustainability cred to its hygiene benefits, we look at the reasons why it has re-found its place in our beauty regimes…

Sustainability Is One Of Its Biggest Benefits

Recent figures show 49% of soap users avoid environmentally unfriendly products – up from 43% last year. This is one of the primary reasons soap is enjoying a sales surge. Not only is its packaging often recyclable, you use a soap until it disappears into nothing, meaning less waste overall. In contrast, liquid soaps and shower gels come in throwaway bottles that add up to an awful lot of plastic waste. As well as saving on plastic waste, soap bars causes less climate-changing pollution during production than liquid alternatives. One thing to be mindful of when shopping the soap aisle is palm oil. A lot of soaps do contain the ingredient, so be savvy when you shop. The key is to look for brands that use sustainable palm oil, as certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

It’s More Hygienic Than You Think

Some reports suggest soap’s resurgence is due to increased hygiene awareness. Some people still think of solid soap as too communal, with shared germs, but this perception is misinformed. Research shows soap bars often reign supreme in cleanliness thanks to their high pH levels, which make it harder for germs to latch onto them.

New Formulas Mean It’s No Longer Drying

One of the biggest myths is that soap is still drying. Yes, bars have an alkaline pH that can damage our natural acid mantle (our skin’s protective barrier function), but the newest good-quality soaps contain high levels of moisturising ingredients. Most are full of glycerine; others have shea butter for extra nourishment. 

It Now Caters To A Multitude Of Beauty Needs 

No longer just for your hands, soaps are available for conditions from acne and psoriasis to dry and oily skins. They can cover hair cleansing too. Then there are the boutique, trendy offerings, which are making designer soap accessible and delivering benefits such as a longer-lasting scent. A lot of the skin-focused soaps (think Drunk Elephant, The Soap Co and Alpha H) contain quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory herbs and essential oils – all of which are vital for healthy skin, both on the body and face. Drunk Elephant’s Juju Bar is renowned for delivering a deeply satisfying cleanse that respects the skin’s acid mantle. This is thanks to its rich, foaming combination of thermal mud and bamboo powder.


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