Why You Have Dry Legs & How To Treat Them

Why You Have Dry Legs & How To Treat Them

If your legs are dry, scaly or rough in texture, you’re not the only one. Despite aspiring to glossy, glowy limbs, many of us end up with a chalky white pallor which is more susceptible to irritation and inflammation. As for what you can do about it, here's what skincare expert and founder of Legology Kate Shapland advises...

Up Your Hydration 

The main reason we get dry skin on our legs is because of our inability to retain moisture in the thin skin tissue. Our extremities – so lower legs and forearms – tend to manifest dryness quickly because they are the furthest away from our organs, so in turn, they are last to benefit from the flow of nutrient-rich blood via circulation. As for shins, you’ll notice that the skin also happens to be quite thin – it also gets thinner with age, so it’s less able to hold onto moisture. For that reason, extra hydration is essential.  

Use Specific Ingredients 

When it comes to choosing products that rehydrate, look out for moisture trapping ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is ideal as it locks in hydration deep down into the dermis, as do ceramides and glycerine. Both moisturisers and oils are great options for remedying dry skin, but more importantly, the frequency of application is paramount. To really see results and shift dry patches, you need to be applying them daily. 

Stick To A Routine 

Moisturiser is key, but sticking to a routine is crucial – it’s the only way to get lasting results. Apply a generous layer of your oil or cream after a shower or bath daily when your circulation is pumped and ready to absorb product. Also, add body brushing to your daily routine. Step out of your shower, towel dry, and add either your moisturiser or oil to the bristles of your brush, before flicking it all over your legs. Not only does it leave limbs subtly scented, it provides quick results, reducing puffiness and inducing glow. You can also try rubbing in a gritty exfoliator pre-shower onto dry skin (before washing it off), but make sure you're only doing this twice a week to avoid scrubbing away the skin’s natural oils. 

Avoid Overly Hot Showers 

Water that’s too hot is incredibly drying because it disrupts the skin’s acid mantle, robbing it of its natural oils, fats and proteins. The same goes for heavy sun exposure. Having said that – don’t skip warm showers or baths entirely as they can help prime skin for your products, allowing them to absorb more quickly. Just make sure you stick to temperatures that are bearably warm, instead of boiling hot – in science speak, that’s around 40°C.

Remember, Dry Skin Is Natural

While they’re easy to treat, remember that nature didn’t intend for us to all have legs with the smoothness and suppleness of a Barbie doll. Dry skin is a very natural thing to have, just keep it as moisturised as you can and stick to a daily routine – it will help transform your skin within a matter of days. 

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