Beauty Expert Lisa Aharon Reveals Her Skincare Routine

Beauty Expert Lisa Aharon Reveals Her Skincare Routine

Known for her impressive A-list clientele and sound knowledge of all things beauty, Lisa Aharon is the perfect person to share her own skincare regime with us. From her go-to products to the reasons she swears by facial tools, this is how she keeps her complexion in peak condition.
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In The Morning…

My routine starts with a cold-water rinse. I don’t tend to do much else first thing because I give my skin such a thorough cleanse at night. Often in the morning I find certain cleansers just dry me out, so I keep things very simple. 

I love facial mists and serums. After rinsing, I’ll layer on a vitamin C serum to brighten my skin, but also to protect it from the damaging effects of pollution. The IS Clinical Super Serum Advance+ offers instant results, without upsetting my sensitive skin. I’ll then follow up with a mist – which one I use depends on how my complexion feels that day. The current rotation is: True Botanicals Renew Nutrient Face Mist, Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist and Penny Frances Apothecary Lavender Flowers & Violet Aromatic Facial Tonic. I like to physically press the mist into the skin, as I would a moisturiser or serum.

Locking everything in place is key. After I apply my serum, I always follow up with my Doctor Rogers Restore Face Cream. My skin loves it – it’s incredibly hydrating and protects my face in all seasons and climates. Plus, a little goes a long way – which makes the price feel more worthwhile. Eye creams are controversial but I’ve worn one from a young age and, frankly, it’s paid off. This area isn’t as reactive as the rest of my face, so I like to mix things up and try different formulas. Currently, I’m using REN’s Radiance Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream, Tata Harper’s Restorative Eye Cream and African Botanics’ Resurrection Eye Cream – they’re all so silky and plumping.

Everything ends with SPF. Once everything’s been applied, I’ll always finish with an SPF. My go-to is Supergoop’s Mineral Sheer Screen SPF30. It leaves behind a beautiful finish on my skin and never interrupts my make-up. Honestly, I couldn’t be without it – I use it every day, all year round. 

I’m never without concealer. After I apply my skincare, I’ll use my concealer to brighten up my under-eye area and fix any redness or dark spots. Most days, concealer is enough on its own – there’s no need for foundation. I like to work in light layers, adding more if needed – if you start with too much, it’s impossible to blend it properly My advice with all make-up is to blend and take a patting motion. Whether your tool is a brush, sponge or fingers – pat. This motion helps to press make-up into skin, which will help prevent any streaks or harsh lines. 

Everyone should be doing a facial massage. I keep lots of tools on hand for both day and night – if you do it regularly, you’ll see a difference, trust me. Angela Caglia’s Gold Cryo Facial Set lives in my fridge at all times, while the Refa Caxa Ray Roller is my face sculpting hero. Another one I love is Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Bar – it’s ideal for giving skin a smoother, more even, appearance. Finally, nothing beats Joanna Vargas’s Glow Wand for quick radiance – I use it on all my clients and it’s so worth the money. Gua sha can be just as effective when done correctly – often when I’m on a quick trip and want to pack light, this is what I take with me.

Consistency is the key to an effective routine. For the most part, I rarely switch up these steps. My skin has become so sensitive that I’m quite limited on options, so when I find a routine that works, I stick to it. Also, if you’re only using a few, hard-working products, you’re more likely to use them consistently and see better results. 

In The Evening…

A thorough cleanse is essential at night. Since I skip cleansing in the morning, I take the time to double cleanse in the evening. Depending on the season, or the state of my skin, I’ll begin with a gentle micellar water that has either a gel or oil/cream combination. They suit my skin better than most cleansers and never leave it feeling stripped or tight. My favourites are Avene’s Micellar Water, Doctor Rogers’s Restore, Susanne Kaufmann’s Cleansing Milk and finally, Tata Harper’s Nourishing Oil Cleanser. 

Retinol is a must. I try to use one most nights, or at least an exfoliating acid, so that when I wake up my complexion is visibly bouncier. Using both regularly helps to brighten and even out my skin between facials. Currently, I’m alternating between Chantecaille’s Retinol+ and Herbivore’s Prism – they work well together.

My heavier creams and serums are always applied at night. I love the Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum which has such a heavenly scent to lull me to sleep. It’s an oil texture, so it gives great glow, but it can become quite heavy on my sensitive skin. If this happens, I’ll switch it up and swap it out for the Augustinus Bader Cream. It’s the best for dewy, luminous and fresh skin.

Finally, a good body exfoliation helps bring my skin to life. I swear by stimulation circulation using a gentle, exfoliating dry brush. I like to do it in the morning, but if there isn’t time – which is often the case – I’ll use Joanna Vargas’s Ritual Brush and her Ritual Soap Bar at night for a bracing buff. It’s really invigorating and makes such a difference to the appearance of my body. Once I’ve finished, I’ll follow up with Necessaire’s Body Serum which is loaded with hyaluronic acid. It drinks up all dry, dehydrated patches of skin, but never leaves any greasy or sticky residue behind. 

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