The Beauty Insider: Festival Makeup

The Beauty Insider: Festival Makeup

Every fortnight, make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon shares her tips and tricks on what’s new, what’s cult and what you really need to know in the world of beauty. Right now, she’s talking about simple festival makeup that’s suitably glittery yet grown-up…

With festival season in full swing, it’s time to up the ante on your makeup and add a touch of sparkle. Whether you’re a glitter Queen like me, (I mean I wear it down to the corner shop to get a pint of milk!) Or if you just want a little something, here’s some simple ways to get you festival ready.


This is the obvious and simplest way to take your look into full festival face. If you’re going to use a loose glitter, channel your inner David Attenborough and go for an eco-friendly version. There are hundreds of ways to rock the glitter look. I like to stick my whole face in a bowl of glitter to turn myself into a living disco ball. Just kidding, kinda! Seriously though, glitter can enhance your look instantly. Here’s some of my ACTUAL fave ways to wear it.

Liquid Glitter Shadows
These babies are brilliant. Adding a bit to your eyelid and patting it in with your finger, creating a subtle touch of sparkle. So simple you could even do this in your tent whilst downing a pint of Berroca. Wear them alone or over the top of any eyeshadow.

My faves:

Stila Magnificent metals
These will be forever my favourites. They are super pigmented, they stick to the skin instantly and the shine has the perfect intensity, giving you a metal-like effect. My all-time fave is Rose gold retro. This shade suits everyone, no matter your skin tone or eye colour.

Makeup Revolution Eye Glisten
I heart this product because it’s a metal effect eyeshadow one end, and a glitter the other. It’s super easy to use, similar to the Stila, and it’s an amazing price. Perfect if a festival is the only place you will ever wear glitter.

Loose Glitter

I have to say; glitter is one of the reasons I became a makeup artist. Back in 1995 when I attempted to be a Disco dancer for all of 6 months, I soon discovered that I couldn’t do the splits, but I could create an epic glitter eye. Loose glitter is brilliant because you can apply it anywhere on the face. All you need is a glue and your glitter. For a really simple look, pop a dot under the lower lash line, right in the centre. This looks really pretty and elevates your look. If you want to go all out then fix the glitter in a curve from the brow, down to the cheek bone. Place the glue first, and then add the glitter over the top. Mix and match the shades of glitter for extra impact.

Fave Glitter Glues:

Karla Powell Fix Potion

This glue is created by a makeup artist. It’s strong formula means your glitter will not budge, come rain or shine. It’s also completely clear. 

NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer

This is a longwear glue and it starts white. Great if you’re a glitter newbie as you can see exactly where you’ve placed the glue. It dries clear.

Eco Glitter

Eco Stardust
This company have a great range of coloured glitter. The product is plant based so it doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment. And, even better, they’ve started a glitter amnesty, so if you send them your old plastic glitter, they will turn it into jewellery to give it a new lease of life, and you’ll get 15% off of your order. How cool is that?

Disco Dust
Another great range of bio-degradable glitter. I love them because they mix shades together in a pot, so you don’t have to.

Festival Jewels

Face jewels are fab if you want to make an impact with little effort. You can literally put them on bare skin and still look ready to party. There’s an array of different shapes and sizes out there. And they tend to come pre-glued, so you can just stick them straight on.

My faves:

Gypsy Shrine
These guys have a huge selection of jewels. Not only for the face, but for the body too. The jewels are on a piece of paper which has eyes drawn on it, meaning that you can see exactly where to place them on your face.

In Your Dreams
Another great selection of jewels. I love their smaller designs. These look fab on the outer corner of the eyes.

So that’s your face sorted, all you need now is a pair of wellies and a pop-up tent. Have fun!

Love & Lipstick,

Lisa xx
Lisa Potter-Dixon is a presenter, make-up artist and SheerLuxe beauty contributor. Follow her @Lisapotterdixon, tag her in your beauty pics with #LearnwithLisa and @Sheerluxe on Instagram.

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