The Beauty Insider: Lisa Potter Dixon’s Beauty Rules

The Beauty Insider: Lisa Potter Dixon’s Beauty Rules

Bronzer is the one product that can make you look and feel healthier in an instant. It’s also a key product when it comes to defining the structure of your face. And no, you don’t have to draw lines all over your face like a Kardashian. The good news is there are some simple tips and tricks to help you achieve an even glow in seconds. Here are my bronzer basics…

Get The Shade Right

My rule is, don’t go more than two shades deeper than your skin tone. Your bronzer should enhance the shape of your face, not make you look like you’ve rolled in a muddy puddle. If you have a fair to medium complexion, stick with a golden or peach shade. I love Benefit’s Hoola and Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Both are finely pigmented and great for building colour. For olive and dark skin tones, pick something with an orangey-red undertone. I love Becca’s Sunlit Bronzer in Maui night and Elf’s Bronzer Palette in Deep Bronze.

Practice Your Application

Remember - three is the magic number. Sweeping your bronzer brush in a figure of three either side of the face is the simplest way to sculpt. Start at the forehead, go down under the cheekbone and then under the jaw line. Repeat on the other side. Finish by dusting the excess down the neck. This technique will create a shadow that will emphasise your featuresand give you a healthy glow.

Buy The Correct Tools

If you’re using a powder bronzer, go for an angled brush. The contour of the brush head will help you get right into the contours of the face. I see so many people using a giant fluffy brush and just chucking the product all over. That will just make you look flat and uneven. Using an angled brush will amplify the structure of your face, giving you the chiselled cheekbones of dreams. 

Some of my favourite bronzer brushes…

Tap It Off

My biggest tip is, once the powder is on the brush, tap it off. It sounds simple, but if you skip this step, you’re likely to get a clump of bronzer on the first area your brush hits. And this can be really hard to blend afterwards. Tapping off the excess before you start will ensure much more even coverage. If you prefer a cream or liquid bronzer, blend with your fingers or a damp beauty blender. Or, if you use a stick foundation and love the formula, get the same product in a deeper shade and use it as your bronzer. The sticks tend to be really creamy, meaning they blend seamlessly, which makes them perfect for contouring.

Some of my favourite stick foundations…

Understand ‘Tantouring’

If you use bronzer every day, it could be worth using a fake tan to ‘tantour’. Just spray the tan onto a bronzer brush and use the figure of three technique. This way you’ll wake up with a soft contour that will last a few days - great for holidays or if you’re in a rush.

Some of my favourite tanning products…

Find Other Areas To Bronze

If you want to narrow the appearance of the nose, brush a small about of bronzer down either side. I like to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush for this as it’s more precise than a bronzer brush. The same goes for making the forehead look smaller. Dust your bronzer on the outer edge of the forehead, into the hairline. Avoid doing this if you have a small forehead as it can make the balance of the face look odd. And remember, using a bronzer doesn’t mean you can’t use a blusher. Blusher is that pop of fresh colour, so pair the two together.


So, they are my bronzer basics. 

Until next time, Love & lipstick,

Lisa x

Lisa Potter-Dixon is a presenter, make-up artist and SheerLuxe beauty contributor. Follow her @Lisapotterdixon, tag her in your beauty pics with #LearnwithLisa and @SheerLuxe on Instagram.

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