The Best Body Exfoliating Mitts

The Best Body Exfoliating Mitts

Nothing beats the smoothing power of a good exfoliating mitt. Designed to boost circulation and stimulate sluggish skin cells, the right glove will help your limbs appear visibly healthier, brighter and more even looking. The benefits don’t end there, either – use them to get rid of fake tan streaks, smooth ingrown hairs and buff away keratosis pilaris. Here are five of the best affordable options…

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Face Halo For Body, £18

BEST FOR: Dual BenefitsWHY IT’S EFFECTIVE: Face Halo is one of our favourite brands for reusable mitts and their dedicated body tool is no exception. Dual-sided, you can tailor the treatment to your individual needs. The cream side can be used wet or dry to shift rough, dead cells and stimulate lymphatic flow, while the black, polishing side has soft fibres to unclog pores for an effective cleanse. Ideal before you fake tan, you’ll find this preps the skin seamlessly, smoothing limbs without ever causing aggravation. On the flipside, it’s also brilliant for getting rid of fake tan streaks in a hurry, while the pad itself can be washed up to 200 times. A great, reusable option. 

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Ameliorate Exfoliating Body Mitt, £10

BEST FOR: Ingrown HairsWHY IT’S EFFECTIVE: Gentler than some on this list, Ameliorate’s Mitt is great for those with dry or sensitive skin, thanks to its fabric weave that never irritates or causes inflammation. Created with deep exfoliation in mind, it should only be used on dry skin before showering or bathing. Keep your motion light, but work it deftly all over your body, focusing on areas that are prone to ingrown hairs. Known for its ability to unblock hair follicles, it’s particularly good for those who suffer with KP (keratosis pilaris) or inflamed, red bumps after shaving or waxing. You might get a tingly feeling after you’ve used it, but this is usually just a sign of increased, stimulated circulation. Available At


Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt, £12.99

BEST FOR: Sensitive Skin

WHY IT’S EFFECTIVE: Loved by the pros, this popular mitt continues to receive rave reviews. The innovative fabric is firm without being too abrasive, and works to remove deep, accumulated dirt, dead skin cells and grime that’s trapped deep down in the pores. It’s satisfying, too – as you buff, you’ll start to see little grey balls of dirt come off on your mitt, so you know it’s working to keep your skin silky-smooth. Use it on wet or dry skin, although the latter is more effective for bringing fresh blood flow to the surface. Start by using it at your ankles, gradually working upwards in circular motions. You’ll find over time that it smooths skin and boosts its overall tone, allowing other products to better absorb, too. Available At


Hydra London Bamboo Gentle Exfoliating Mitt, £7.99

BEST FOR: Face & Body 

WHY IT’S EFFECTIVE: If you want a mitt that works on both the face and body, check out this one from Hydra London. Made from 60% sustainable bamboo, it has natural, antibacterial properties, making it a great option for those who suffer with breakouts or uneven skin tone. It’s lightweight, as well as flexible, so it allows you to get into every little corner for a deep, thorough cleanse and exfoliation. Use it on wet or dry skin – we recommend applying a serum or body wash first so you have an easier glide, with less irritation or snagging.  Available At


Kahina Giving Beauty Kessa Mitt, £10

BEST FOR: Thorough ExfoliationWHY IT’S EFFECTIVE: Often hard to get hold of, this exfoliating mitt is hugely popular and for good reason. Overall, its texture is soft, but you’ll find some gentle, grainy beads built-in, that you only feel once you really start pushing it into your skin. Unlike others on this list, Kahina’s Mitt works best on damp or wet skin. First, allow your pores to open with hot water and steam from your shower, then step out and use this all over your body in circular motions. It works to boost lymphatic drainage, smooth uneven skin and simultaneously get rid of any dirt that’s sitting on the surface. Extra points for the handy loop it comes with, which allows you to hang it up and dry with ease.Available At

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