The Best New Beauty Buys For January

The Best New Beauty Buys For January

The beauty industry is as busy as ever. To help you keep on top of all the new launches, here’s our roundup of the latest products we’re loving…

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Lilah B. Retractable Foundation Brush, £19.25

A great brush for every part of your beauty routine, this works with all formulas – be it creams, liquids or powders – to create an even, seamless blend. The stiff bristles really push products into your skin for a great finish. Better still, it comes in a retractable, compact tube, so you never have to worry about bacteria reaching the brush hair either. It’s expensive as brushes go, but worth it given its versatility and longevity. 
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Maybelline The Colossal Curl Mascara, £10.99

We’re always in the market for affordable mascaras and this one from Maybelline ticks all the right boxes. Created with something called ‘Memory Curl Formula’ it promises to keep lashes lifted and lengthened for up to 24 hours, with a lightweight, wax-free texture that never causes a weighted feeling. Better still, it has a wet, inkiness that’s easy to layer and build upon for extra intensity. Once it sets, it really does stay put – you won’t get any smudging or flakes from this.
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About-Face Light Lock Stick, $25

Meet About-Face, the brand founded by American singer and songwriter Halsey. With vegan and cruelty-free formulas, everything in its line-up utilises the very best ingredients for gentle results. You’ll love the beautiful, saturated pigments which last for hours. Our favourite has to be this Light Lock Stick. In six soft shades, it swiftly sculpts, brightens and highlights the skin with a creamy texture that’s malleable and great on the go. Shimmer particles are minimal, so you don’t get that theatrical shine – just a believable luminosity. All the colours are beautiful, but we love Frenzy and Please Indulge Me for something more natural. 
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Fenty Beauty Liquid Killawatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter, £24

If you prefer your highlighter in liquid form, you’ll love Fenty’s latest drop. Silky in texture, it gives skin a subtle, sheer gloss of dewiness that catches the light at every angle. It looks great on the cheeks, but also washed over eyelids. Just remember you’ll need to work at pace – transfer-resistant, it dries down fast for longevity, so build the colour up as speedily as you can. Like all Fenty products, it comes in suits-all shades to flatter everyone. 
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Nailkind Polishes, £8.95

We love this Danish brand. Cruelty free and vegan, its polishes are as kind to nails as can be. The colours are as impressive – from rich burgundy to deep forest green and light, neutral pinks that look chic and sophisticated with a high-shine finish. Ideal if you’re someone that loves nail polish, but are looking for more eco-conscious formulations. 
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Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Body Exfoliator, £18

Suffer with ingrown hairs? Uneven skin tone? Or issues like keratosis pilaris? This gritty body exfoliator is a must-try. With gentle beads, it swiftly removes any dead skin cells that are sat on the surface, revealing better brightness and ridding dryness. We love the peppermint scent that’s refreshingly uplifting, providing a much-needed boost for winter months. You only need to use this a couple of times a week to see a difference within your skin – limbs will feel much softer as well. 
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Emma Hardie Moringa Luxury Bath & Shower Oil, £38

This luxurious ‘do it all’ brims with plant oils to lock in hydration, while also forming a protective barrier over the skin so no moisture can escape. Whether you use it in the bath or shower, one thing is for sure: you’ll feel silky soft immediately afterwards. Added vitamins and minerals keep flaky patches of skin away – especially over areas like your shins and elbows. As for the smell, it’s invigorating and bracing – exactly what you need for this time of year. Expect to get through this bottle at speed. 
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Biossance Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream, £22

We love Biossance for its use of squalane – a hydrating ingredient we naturally produce. In this new Body Cream, you’ll find copious amounts, alongside caffeine which brightens, and niacinamide to reduce redness and inflammation within the skin. More than that, it has a thick, luxurious, buttery texture that’s a joy to apply – just make sure you do this while your skin is still damp post-shower for maximum absorption. While nothing can physically create firmer skin – exercise aside – regular use will make skin softer to touch and reduce any uneven red bumps. 
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Replica Lazy Sunday Morning Shower Gel, £26

If you treat yourself to one thing this month, make it this shower gel from Replica. Incredibly fresh – akin to clean sheets – it leaves you feeling cosy and comfortable with a fragrance that lingers. It’s also brimming with glycerine and salicylic acid which hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously. Guaranteed to help you relax and transform a daily, mundane task into something a little more special. 
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CeraVe Micellar Water, £10

A fan of micellar water? You’ll love this one from CeraVe. Like all its products, this has been created with sensitivities in mind. Full of plumping ceramides and soothing niacinamide, it’s incredibly gentle and effective at removing every ounce of make-up, as well as general product build-up. What’s more, it does all that while locking in moisture to ensure hydration stays put well after you’ve finished your cleanse. No wonder it’s been dubbed a ‘3-in-1’ wonder. 
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Coastal Citizen Morning Water Gentle Cleanser, $28

A speedy way to invigorate and refresh sluggish skin, this new cleanser is brimming with oat milk and niacinamide. Fragrance and oil free, it never irritates, just quickly removes dirt and build-up, while keeping your complexion soft to the touch. The best bit? It’s rinse free, so you can sweep it over skin – with a reusable cotton pad or flannel – and leave it on to let ingredients continuously absorb as the day goes on. You can also use it throughout the day – or after a workout – to boost skin at speed. Think of it as a toner and cleanser hybrid. 
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Pacifica Glow Baby Brightening Peel Pads, £17.00

Many of us face January with a duller complexion. Several things can renew glow – including these peel pads from vegan and cruelty-free brand Pacifica. Loaded with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids, they quickly exfoliate and resurface your skin for a deep clean and a tighter appearance that’s visible from the get-go. Don’t worry about them being too abrasive – the added niacinamide cushions any of the harsher ingredients for gentle results. Use once or twice a week – or as you feel they’re needed – to boost luminosity and brightness. 
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Hers 5% Minoxidil Foam, $54

Did you know minoxidil is one of the few ingredients proven to stimulate hair regrowth? If you want to give it a go, find it in this popular foam. Designed to stimulate hair follicles, it extends your natural growth cycle – yes, it takes time (at least a few months), but stick with it. Easy to use, you pump half a capful into your palm, then scoop it through your hair – focusing on sparse areas – using your fingers. It dries down fast, so you don’t have to worry about it leaving any traces behind. Well worth a try if you’re struggling with loss, or want a fuss-free way to boost some density. 
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So Eco Lava Stone Brush & Pumice, £6

This clever, double-sided foot tool does a bit of everything. Part lava stone, part brush, it can buff away dead skin cells and keep feet baby soft. The bristle brush is firm enough to yield results, but never too abrasive or irritating. Keep shower-side for easy exfoliation daily. You can use it over other areas of your body to stimulate fresh blood flow and better circulation. 
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Oliviere Wilson Ice Sticks, £90

Puffy skin isn’t uncommon this time of year. If you’re suffering, experts agree these are some of the best cryo tools on the market. Like enlarged spoons, they cup the face in all the right places, working to take down inflammation and constrict blood vessels for a smoother, less inflamed complexion. Keep them in the fridge or freezer pre-use. You can use all over – even around the eyes. Ideal if you suffer with headaches or tension, they quickly soothe and cool. They prep and prime skin for make-up too. 
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Otis Batterbee The Tiger Total Vanity Case, £49

Need a new make-up bag for 2022? We’re coveting this vegan leather vanity case from Otis Batterbee. Large in size, you can stash all your essentials in here, with specialist pockets for things like sponges and brushes. We love the detachable mirror that’s great on the go. Plus, it looks chic in any space – be it your bathroom or bedside table. 
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Fenwick Bergamot & Musk Candle, £35

A great post-Christmas pick-me-up, this candle from Fenwick keeps the warmth of the festivities going. With notes of musk, bergamot and mandarin, it’s well balanced with both freshness and depth for something unique. Using sustainable, natural wax, it has a pure scent that fills the room within half an hour.
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