The Doctor-Made Skincare Line We Love

The Doctor-Made Skincare Line We Love

Dr Maryam Zamani is one of London’s most in-demand aesthetic doctors – but you don’t have to drop by her clinic to benefit from her expert skincare knowledge. Full of clean, potent, active ingredients that work with your skin to deliver visible results, her own MZ Skin range has been designed with luxury in mind. Dr Maryam told us what sets MZ apart from the crowd and the hero products you need to try…



Tell us a bit about the brand’s background …

“I launched MZ Skin in September after two years in development. I created it first and foremost as a passion project. It was something I wanted for myself, as well as my patients who couldn’t find any clean or effective formulations. It was also designed for those wanting simple, science-backed products that are potent and intelligent, yet still luxurious. It’s so important to maintain the sensorial experience that often gets stripped away with some products. Everything in the MZ line is also made by women, for women. Some of our bestsellers include Soothe & Smooth Eye Complex – which is clinically proven to reduce dark circles and fine lines in just 30 days – and the Retinol Skin Booster which is clinically proven to reduce fines lines by up to 43%.”

Where did your love of skincare start?

“My mother introduced me to skincare when I was about 13 or 14. She gave me a Lancôme tinted moisturiser and I wore it religiously. When I moved to London after medical school, I became involved in research using hyaluronic acid fillers and developed an interest in non-surgical treatments, leading me to pursue further dermatology studies. From there, I started using doctor-approved skincare brands, but the products felt too medicinal and lacked the luxury component. I went back to Natura Bisse and Shiseido but added some pharmacy-grade products I had formulated with a pharmacist and shared them with a few close friends. Having a simple, manageable skincare regime that works is essential for producing excellent results, which is why I created a scientifically backed and clinically tested skincare line made by a woman for women.”

Why was taking a simpler approach so important?

“The whole range is clean and high performance, but the ethos is simple: to reveal, enhance and protect the skin. You don’t need lots of different layers. You need skincare that works effectively and synergistically together – nothing more. We use actives to promote even, hydrated, glowing skin. Key ingredients include performance-proven actives that we know will work – like antioxidants, retinol, peptides, stem cells and placenta.” 


It was designed for those wanting simple, science-backed products that are potent and intelligent, yet still luxurious.
It was designed for those wanting simple, science-backed products that are potent and intelligent, yet still luxurious.


‘Reveal, enhance and protect’ is the brand’s core message, but what does that really mean?

“It means cleansing and exfoliating to reveal beautiful, healthy skin underneath. You want to make your complexion more receptive to other actives that will go on top, and that’s exactly what MZ Skin products do. We use an array of ingredients like ceramides, peptides, antioxidants, retinols and hyaluronic acid to ‘enhance’ the skin, giving it the actives it needs to boost texture and tone. Then, to protect, we use antioxidants and SPF to prevent further damage.” 

What are your favourite MZ products?

“If I had to choose, I think it would have to be a trio. The Soothe & Smooth Eye Cream improves dark circles and diminishes fine lines, while the Brighten & Perfect boosts skin tone and texture. Finally, it has to be my Rest & Revive. It helps you fake the look of a good night’s sleep even when you’re running on empty. The other product everyone should try is our new LightMAX Supercharged LED 2.0. The clinical data behind it is incredible, and the anti-ageing modes are clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 36%.”

And where’s the brand going next?

“I want to focus on creating a concise, precise range of products for MZ Skin that target specific needs and concerns so my customers can pick and choose depending on their individual concerns. We are expanding the brand for more targeted treatment regimes, and of course, we will always be about treatments that customers can do in the comfort of their own home.”


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