8 Ways To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

8 Ways To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

When it comes to freshly-painted manicures, there’s nothing more annoying than one that ends up botched, chipped or only lasts for a few days. Luckily, there are a handful of ways you can keep yours in peak condition – we give you eight…

Don’t Skip The Prep Stage 

“It’s the simplest step but people always think they can skip it. I recommend rubbing a nail polish remover on your nails (even if they don’t have polish on them) to get rid of any excess oil,” says manicurist and nail expert, Loui-Marie Ebanks. “This will then prevent your nail varnish from sticking which can result in quick chipping. A dry base is key as it gives polish something to properly adhere to, trust me, this alone will help achieve longevity. Try lightly buffing your nails before applying polish too. This will smooth out any bumps that are lying on the surface so the polish can lay flat.”

Avoid Hot Water For 24 Hours

“This is relevant for both gel nails and regular polish – think baths, showers, saunas. Avoid them for four to six hours after your mani, as well as using gloves for added protection when doing manual/housework,” explains Jessica’s nail expert, Georgina Walker. “Although gels are dry after all layers have been cured, hot water can get underneath them within the first 24 hours causing them to peel and lift sooner than they would normally. Avoid bleach or harsh chemicals too as these can cause lifting and discolouration.”

Layer Up Your Basecoat & Look To Rubberised Formulas 

“A basecoat is key if you want to prevent early peeling. Try painting it on in two layers: one on the top half of your nail, and the second coat over the entire nail,” advises Loui. “This will prevent chips from forming at the tip. Another trick is to try a basecoat with a rubberised formula. It does so much more than fill in ridges and bumps – it helps nail polish adhere better and gives a smooth, even application.”

Cap A Mani For Long-Lasting Results

“I always suggest capping the free edge (tip) of each nail with your nail polish, followed by a top coat to help seal your colour – both these acts will help your mani to last significantly longer and it’s only a small tweak,” says Georgina. “Simply seal the polish with a horizontal stroke on the top of your nail, and don’t be afraid to bring the polish over the front edge of the nail and slightly under the tip, too – it’s really effective at preventing chipping.”

Try A Nail Polish Remover Hack

“Don’t panic if you’ve smudged your nail polish while painting. Instead, a great hack is to dip your finger in nail varnish remover and use it to smooth out the surface. Then go back in once it’s dried down and repaint with your favourite topcoat,” Loui recommends. 

Stop Submerging Nails In Water

“Contrary to popular belief, water doesn’t hydrate the nails if you soak them for too long. Regular swimming and long baths, or washing up without gloves, can cause peeling of the nail,” says Georgina. “This is because moisture can penetrate nail fibres, expanding and lifting them, which then in turn results in flakiness and peeling, weakening the nail straight away.”

Go Easy On The Amount Of Polish 

“Try to keep your coats of polish really, really thin and never more than two layers. The key is to load just enough polish on the brush to cover your nail in one go, before going in a second time with another thin layer,” states Loui. “This will make sure they dry more quickly and won’t bubble or peel as easily.” 

Roll Your Bottle Instead Of Shaking It

“If your bottle has been sat stagnant for a while, roll it between your hands to mix the formula up, advises Loui. “You’ll notice some manicurists do this instead of vigorously shaking it. This is because shaking can cause air bubbles, whereas rolling just lubricates the formula for a smoother finish.” 

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