The SL Directory: Trichologists & Hair Doctors
The SL Directory: Trichologists & Hair Doctors

The SL Directory: Trichologists & Hair Doctors

Statistics show that over half of all women will experience hair loss or scalp issues at some stage, but, with the help of a trichologist, many of these problems can be overcome. Covering specialists across all concerns, we’ve rounded up the best hair doctors to help you find the right solution…
By Rebecca Hull

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Ricardo Vila Nova

Best For: Encouraging Regrowth

About Ricardo: Ricardo is the Brazilian trichologist often dubbed ‘the Sherlock Holmes of scalp issues’. Known for his talents in targeting post-partum and menopausal hair loss, he’s your go-to guy if you want to encourage regrowth or find out why you’ve lost – or are losing – strands in the first place. During a full consultation, he’ll take hair samples (to get to the root of the problem) before treating your scalp with a mixture of trace-element injections. The pain is minimal given it stimulates dormant follicles for better growth over time. Finally, you’ll be offered a protein mask which boosts condition and overall hair health. He’ll also identify whether your issue is emotional, nutritional, hormonal or environmental, and give longer-term advice to counteract this. While you won’t get an overnight solution, regular sessions with Ricardo will keep your hair feeling thicker, stronger and in better condition.
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Helen Reavey

Best For: Treating Specific Conditions

About Helen: Helen is a trichologist and founder of haircare brand Act + Acre. She’s worked with both Amal Clooney and Harry Styles – to name a few – to improve hair growth, health and its overall appearance. Starting out as a stylist before realising how many people neglected their scalps, she believes this is the secret to better-looking hair. After lengthy studies and a deep dive into all things scalp health, it’s safe to say there is nothing Helen doesn’t know when it comes to rejuvenating hair – she is specifically well-versed on conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. A one-to-one appointment with her includes a detailed look at your scalp, a breakdown of your current routine and the products you use on a regular basis to create a detailed and tailored plan. You’ll likely be prescribed some Act + Acre products too, which only use clean, quality, science-backed ingredients for fast results. 

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Lucinda Ellery London

Best For: Patchy Heads

About Lucinda: Whether full-blown hair loss is your issue, or just patchiness and shedding, there’s Lucinda will listen to your core concerns before devising a treatment plan. Her offering is vast – from Medi Connections (fine extensions that make sparse hair feel fuller) to her Intralace System (a lightweight mesh woven with strands of real hair to replace a wig) which is often recommended post-chemotherapy or for anyone with alopecia.  Everything will be discussed at your consultation, including a breakdown of the different types of hair conditions – think telogen effluvium, female pattern hair loss and radiotherapy hair loss. You’ll be given your own plan to follow, as well as advice on the best course of action to take, but nothing ever feels pressured or daunting; instead, just friendly and flexible. 
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Nicola Liberos

Best For: Bald Spots

About Nicola: If you’re balding at your crown, suffering with a receding hairline or are worried about sparseness, Nicola Liberos can help. She’ll start by inspecting your hair and scalp to determine any issues, then will give you feedback and advice on the best course of action. If diet or a lack of minerals is the issue, she’ll discuss over-the-counter treatments – like Minoxidil – to help widen blood vessels and encourage healthy hair growth. If permanent thinning is the issue, Nicola may suggest PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma. A popular treatment for hair regrowth, your blood will be removed before being reinjected into your scalp. Yes, it’s a bit painful, but the results are impressive. After this, you’ll be sent home with growth supplements, with a course of three sessions, six weeks apart, recommended.
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Natalie Carr

Best For: Scalp Health

About Natalie: Suffering with a dry, itchy or tight-feeling scalp? Or even severe dandruff or psoriasis? Then Natalie Carr is a must see. Incredibly knowledgeable, she puts doctor-speak into layman’s terms, so you never feel out of your depth. During her consultation, she will put your scalp and hair under a magnifying glass to understand any issues and see what’s going on within the skin around your scalp. Whether it’s simple flakiness, inflamed follicles or something that requires lengthier treatment, she’ll find a unique treatment that’s guaranteed to help. You can also book special scalp treatments with Natalie. The hair is parted into small sections before you receive a head massage and get your strands slathered with special creams. Afterwards, you’ll have your scalp warmed with a steamer or blasted with infrared light – just think of it like a facial, but for your scalp. It’s a little tingly, but never painful.  
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Anabel Kingsley

Best For: A Bit Of Everything

About Anabel: For many, Anabel Kingsley needs no introduction. One of the best trichologists around, you’re in safe hands with her. No problem is too big for Anabel. Her approach – just like her late father’s– is to encourage people to talk openly about issues like hair loss and scalp concerns. Part of her consultation includes a general Q&A session on your individual needs before a specialist blood test profiling looks for the causes of hair loss, dandruff and psoriasis. The result? A bespoke treatment plan – be it nutritional supplements, handmade scalp creams or dedicated tonics. You’ll also get a follow-up consultation to see how you’re getting on, with a view to tweak parts of your plan should it be necessary. 
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Keith Hobbs

Best For: Transplants & General Hair Health

About Keith: A bit like Anabel, there’s little Keith doesn’t cover, whether you want a full, diagnostic evaluation or just a bit of a hair overhaul. After training as a hairdresser, Keith then went on to understand the scientific nitty gritty and study trichology. Now, with more than 50 years of experience, he offers consultations and tailored programmes in a bid to help control, improve and eradicate the hair concerns women – and men – face daily. His advice? Don’t overdo it, use fewer products and get more sleep. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed with the outcome of any of his treatments or holistic plans.
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