How To Make The Most Of Your Grey Hair

How To Make The Most Of Your Grey Hair

Grey hair might well be something you associate with ageing, but thanks to Vogue editors, A-listers and even catwalk models embracing their silver strands, there’s now a lot less reason to fear going grey. If you’re wondering how to ensure the result is chic, rather than ageing, check out the experts’ top tips for making the most of greying locks...

Does grey hair suit everyone?

“Grey hair can look fabulous but can also be quite draining, depending on your skin tone. If you decide to go grey then you will probably have to adjust your make-up accordingly, adding more colour to counteract any drabness.” – Jason Collier, Celebrity and Session Stylist.

What should you ask your hairdresser for?

“Always ask for an initial consultation and take along images of women whose grey hair you admire, so you can discuss the effect you’re after in detail. Also ask for an in-salon gloss treatment to add shine, as this is something grey hair often lacks. Additionally, consider asking your colourist to include some micro-highlights or babylights around your face to subtly brighten up your complexion.” – Jack Howard, Colourist at Paul Edmonds and L’Oreal Professionnel Ambassador.

Are there any targeted haircare products you would recommend? 

“Yes, I would recommend investing in a specialist shampoo, such as L’Oreal Professionnel Silver Shampoo. It’s a colour-clarifying product enriched with anti-yellowing agents to counteract the unwanted brassiness that can sometimes appear in grey hair.” – Jack Howard
“I’m a fan of O&M’s Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo, which counteracts yellowness and brings out cooler tones to give silver hair a luxe look.”  – Jason Collier

How do you keep grey hair in great condition?

“Grey hair has a different texture, and can often be frizzy and wiry because locks get finer and drier as we age. Styling and straightening will only exacerbate this, and even blow drying can weaken mature hair. As a result, your strands run the risk of losing strength and elasticity, so I would recommend using a targeted anti-ageing hair product, such as Khairpep’s reparative serum, to give greying hair a new lease of life.” – Jason Collier

Is there any way to make grey hair look young?

“It’s pretty simple – if you decide to go grey then you must plump for a fashion-forward cut and keep hair in great condition with targeted products, or it will just age you drastically. Think of Sarah Harris, Fashion Features Director at Vogue, who has been grey since her teens but keeps her hair long and flowing, and in excellent condition. This, coupled with her always-flawless make-up, means her grey locks don’t age her in the slightest.” – Jason Collier

Which cuts work best with grey hair?

“Quite directional haircuts look great on grey hair. A sharp bob is incredibly elegant in silver or a softer, more feminine style (à la Helen Mirren), can look very sexy. If you decide to go shorter, then invest in a great texturising product to add plenty of movement.” – Jason Collier
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