Meet The Nail Salon Insiders Swear By
Meet The Nail Salon Insiders Swear By

Meet The Nail Salon Insiders Swear By

Offering affordable and flawless manicures, Townhouse is the nail salon insiders love. You’ll find its locations all over London and nationwide – from its latest outpost in Marble Arch to Guildford and even the fifth floor at Harrods. To mark Townhouse’s fifth birthday, founder Juanita Huber-Millet tells SheerLuxe how she built the brand – plus, don’t forget to enter our competition to WIN a year of free manicures….


Congratulations on five years of Townhouse – run us through the journey so far…

“I am thrilled to be celebrating Townhouse’s five-year anniversary. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved. I have been an avid nail devotee for as long as I can remember and used to go for manicures every two or three weeks – but found it challenging to find a salon I could trust. The service was often unprofessional, I didn’t know what products were being used and the quality was inconsistent. It wasn’t just the service that was disappointing, it was the way staff and customers were treated, too. All these things inspired me to create Townhouse – with the bigger goal of modernising the nail industry. I wanted to build a beautiful place where clients could guarantee five-star customer service, reliable treatments and stylish results.” 

Tell us a bit about your career before Townhouse…

“My background is varied! My first passion was ballet but an injury put an end to that dream. I was quite lost for a while and ended up studying business and beauty at the same time – which turned out to be a unique but fruitful combination. Then, I landed a role at MATCHES. Working there I got a real feel for business and the hard work it took to build a successful brand. I loved seeing how the founders turned the company into a global, industry force and it pushed me to launch my own business. The rest is history.” 

What was the biggest turning point for the business?

‘‘We’ve had the opportunity to open new locations, and collaborate with some of the best beauty brands but one of the biggest turning points was opening our second location in Harrods. It was such a significant milestone that allowed us to reach a wider audience.”’

What advice would you give your younger self?

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive and talented team. As much as I would love to do it all, it’s impossible. It’s essential to trust and delegate to those who can support you in achieving your vision. My advice to others launching a business is to be patient and persistent in the face of challenges. The road to success never goes in a straight line – expect obstacles along the way. If you keep pushing and stay focused, you can achieve anything.” 

How have you approached expansion, generally speaking?

It’s taken a lot of planning, attention to detail and an understanding of the local market to launch more Townhouse locations across London. Our team has worked tirelessly to identify the best areas and then develop partnerships with local businesses to create a unique and welcoming experience. It’s hard work but receiving the support from our clients makes it worthwhile. We have invested heavily in training and developing our staff to ensure every new location delivers the same high-quality service our clients have come to expect.” 

Which of your sites is the busiest?

”Covent Garden is up there. This area of London is naturally very busy and our salon has a large welcoming space with a fun, buzzy atmosphere. My personal favourite though is Townhouse Fitzrovia. It was the first site to launch and I have many special memories associated with it. In the early days, Townhouse Fitzrovia wasn’t only a nail salon, but also our head office, training academy and warehouse.” 

How does the service & treatment quality stay so high?

“Our Flawless Finish Promise at Townhouse is a testament to our treatments. We give our clients a seven-day guarantee, so if your gel manicure chips, we fix it for free. We also have the best therapists out there and put them through a rigorous vetting process that includes trade tests, screenings and interviews. We’re always investing in ongoing training and development, and we believe that by supporting them and helping them grow, our team can provide an even better experience for our customers.” 

Townhouse King’s Road
Townhouse King’s Road

Tell us about some of your proudest moments building Townhouse…

“I’m very proud of the team we’ve built. We’ve created a supportive and empowering workforce which includes team members who joined as entry-level nail artists but are now area managers or moving into head office.” 

How did you come up with the Townhouse aesthetic?

“Aesthetics are incredibly important to me, so every detail has been carefully curated for an exceptional experience – from the décor to the lighting and music. For me, it’s not optional – it’s essential to create a space I can be proud of. Your environment can have a huge impact on your mood – which is why I wanted to build a stylish space that feels luxurious and welcoming.” 

Townhouse Covent Garden
Townhouse Covent Garden

What else do you think sets Townhouse apart from its competitors?

“Our emphasis on staff. Also, we place such a strong focus on cleanliness and hygiene, so our customers can be confident they’re in safe hands. Lastly, our brand collaborations, including Givenchy, Elemis, Chantecaille and Sisley. They’re testament to the quality of our services and each collaboration allows us to experiment with fresh ideas and treatments. Finally, we’re affordable but committed to high-quality services. We also don’t force tips – we want customers to feel comfortable, not pressured.” 

Aside from the usual manis and pedis – what else is on offer? 

“We also offer a range of other services, including non-toxic nail extensions, overlays and quick ‘express’ treatments. The latter is ideal for those on-the-go. Customers who want that little bit extra should check out our selection of nail art looks and play with the different designs. You can opt for a bespoke service, too. Alongside your treatment, we always offer refreshments and if you visit Harrods, you have the option to order nibbles as well.”

Finally, what’s next for Townhouse? 

“I have big ambitions for Townhouse. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and improve our services and to create new opportunities for our team to grow and develop. With more locations in the pipeline, there are definitely some exciting times ahead.” 

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