The New Products Guaranteed To Boost Scalp & Hair Health

The New Products Guaranteed To Boost Scalp & Hair Health

At some point in our lives, at least half of us will suffer from scalp irritation. And yet it rarely receives the same attention as the rest of our skin. Thankfully, the industry is catching on, with several brands ensuring their ranges now cater to dry, itchy and needy scalps. Ameliorate’s latest line is both dermatologically tested and trichologist approved. Keen to find out more? We break down their latest range and why it should be on your radar…

‘Scalp Care’ Is An Extension Of Ameliorate’s Award-Winning Line

Ameliorate are well-known for their award-winning body care range. Formulated by expert scientists and approved by dermatologists, their clever skincare gets rid of the most stubborn dry patches, while also soothing red bumps. Now, they’ve applied their unique lactic-acid technology to haircare, meaning itchy, flaky, scalps can reap the same benefits. You can also expect instant comfort and relief from the intense nourishment and moisture, thanks to omega oils, prebiotics and fatty acids – not to mention healthier hair as a result of a rejuvanted scalp, too. 

Each Formula Is Gentle Enough For All Skin Types

Powered by Ameliorate’s unique LaH6 Hydration Complex (lactic-acid technology) and Exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Therapy, each product works to gently resurface the top layers of your scalp, while maintaining optimum moisture. Slowly, dead cells and grime are swept away, meaning hair is left smoother and glossier over time. If you suffer with itchy scalp or flakiness, look out for their Transforming Scalp Serum – applied to itchy areas, you sleep in it and wash it off in the morning, only to find any tightness or dryness are completely gone. Great for those who don’t want to strip their hair with anti-dandruff shampoos.

The Range Has Impressive Results

Clinically proven to significantly reduce dryness, flakiness and redness in just seven days*, the entire range boasts some impressive results. Up to 97% of testers agreed the condition and appearance of their scalp improved post-use*, while 100% agreed their hair and scalp looked healthier after just two weeks*. As for the shampoo and conditioner, 97% said their hair didn’t feel weighed down* through the independent clinical and user trials. For the best results, use all four products together, although you’ll still see visible benefits after using just one or two. 

There Are Only Four, Key Products  

While scalp care is important, experts agree you don’t need heaps of products to see results, which is why Ameliorate have kept their line to just four, key products. The clarifying shampoo and conditioner are two products everyone can use once or twice a week to get rid of build-up, and actually clean the scalp. But if you’re in need of a deeper clean, look to the Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant. As for the Transforming Scalp Serum, use this weekly or monthly to really hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier, as well as protect hair follicles and get rid of dry, flaky patches. 

It's Worth Spending Money On

Each product is a worthy purchase for those looking to overhaul their scalp and hair health. Not only that, the cost reflects the quality of the sophisticated formulas, created by scientists and trichologists to deliver the very best. What's more, you can now trial the whole range at a fraction of the full-size price, thanks to Ameliorate's five-step system which includes travel sizes of all the products, including a Soothing Scalp Essence. 

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