Your 5-Day Party Season Hair Plan

If your December calendar is filled with events, with little time for pampering in-between, keep reading… Adam Reed, ghd brand ambassador and Co-Founder of Percy & Reed, has created an ingenious five-day party season hair plan that works when you have no time for washing – that means stylish looks for every day of the week, with minimal time, effort and heat damage…

DAY 1: Set The Foundation

Adam says: “You likely won’t have time to wash and blow-dry your hair mid-week, as those extra 30 minutes in bed each day will take priority. So start the week off with a good blow-dry to create a base that lasts – the ghd glacial blue air hairdryer will provide the perfect foundation and a super glossy finish. And don’t forget to look after the condition! Use ghd advanced split end therapy after washing and before drying to repair hair and give it smooth finish – not only will it look healthier, your styles will last longer all week too.”
 SL says: Not all hair driers are created equal, and ghd have seriously changed the game with the new ghd glacial blue air. With a professional-strength motor, variable temperature controls and the latest frizz-busting ionic technology, it’s able to provide a salon-worthy finish in half the time. We can also vouch for the advanced split ends therapy – a godsend for damaged ends, the heat-activated treatment leaves hair feeling sleek, smooth and shiny for up to ten washes.

DAY 2: Get Smart With Styling

Adam says: “Create loose waves by curling sections of hair using the ghd platinum+ glacial styler, spritzing on some Heat Protection Spray beforehand. Tilt at an angle and slowly rotate as you slide the tool through each section – as you would when curling a ribbon with scissors – always facing the curls away from your face. Then, massage the roots and brush through the curls using your fingers for an undone look.”
 SL says: ghd’s first styler that predicts your hairs needs, the new platinum+ styler features cutting-edge technology that constantly adapts the power based on your hair’s thickness and the speed at which you’re styling. What that all means? Not only are they easier and quicker to use (also thanks to the new plates, which glide even more smoothly through the hair) but they cause less heat damage too – leaving hair up to 70% stronger and with 20% more shine.

DAY 3: Revive Flat Tresses

Adam says: “Your hair will start to look flat now, so refresh and revive your style by creating super speedy texture and volume at the roots using the ghd contour hair crimper. Crimp the underneath sections of hair around the crown – which only takes five seconds per section of hair – spray with Final Fix hairspray, then release the remaining hair on top and brush over for instant glamorous volume and a more beachy texture than the day before.” SL says: Thought crimpers were best left in the 80s? Think again. The ghd contour is our go-to secret weapon for glamorous styles – the trick is to only crimping the under sections of hair at the roots. Adam’s technique really does only take minutes to do, and gives hair mega volume that lasts for a good few days. A must-try for those with thin, fine or flat hair who find styles tend to drop out too quickly.

DAY 4: Make The Most Of The Texture

Adam says: “Now’s the time to create a sleek power pony – this strong party look actually holds better on hair that isn’t super clean. Run the ghd platinum+ glacial blue styler through the ponytail to smooth and give a quick polished finish, then tie a ribbon around the ponytail so the focus is on the ponytail and attention is drawn away from the front of your hair.”
SL says: This season, the coolest way to wear a pony is with an oversized bow – the natural follow-up to this summer’s thick hairbands, what started as a trend on the A/W runways has been adopted by the style set, with red velvet and dramatic black styles high on autumn’s must-have accessories list. Our top tip? If the end of your pony is feeling dry, apply a pump or two of the Smooth & Finish Serum, which tames flyaways, minimises split ends and adds a lustrous finish.

DAY 5: Disguise Greasy Roots

Adam says: “If, by the end of the week, your hair is really greasy and there’s no time to wash it, remember that accessories hide a multitude of sins! Add a ribbon or clips to detract from the roots.”
SL says: The hair clip is officially the fashion girl’s accessory of choice right now. Catalysed by, Alexa Chung, Pandora Sykes and the street style set, look to pearl-encrusted styles and floral designs for a surprisingly modern reference. Tuck alongside ponytails for a subtle look, or embrace the trend and use them to pull back that annoying baby hair.

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