How To Feel Better On The Beach

How To Feel Better On The Beach

With an estimated 80% of us British women reportedly feeling unhappy with our bodies, if – for whatever reason – you’re feeling less than your best this summer, a few handy hints to boost body confidence when you're wearing swimwear can make all the difference. So, we’ve gone straight to our beauty experts for their top tips on how to feel better when you hit the beach...

Be Confident

Every expert in the beauty business agrees there is one failsafe rule when it comes to looking and feeling good naked. It’s all down to confidence, but that’s easier said than done. As nutritionist and body image expert Rhiannon Lambert explains, “Staying positive and embracing every single one of our qualities is key to accepting our bodies for what they are.”

For a practical exercise to increase confidence, follow Rhiannon’s advice: “Instead of fixating on the things you don’t like, be grateful for what you do like and never let anyone else’s perception of you become how you see yourself. Practicing gratitude every day has such a big impact on our self-esteem.”

Fake It

There’s no denying how much better we feel with a tan. As Carly Hobbs, make-up artist and Sienna X Ambassador, explains, “A tan is a guaranteed way to make you feel confident without any clothes on as it blurs imperfections and wobbly bits. Try tan-touring, which is essentially using your tan to contour your body so you look slimmer and leaner. Start by applying a layer of Sienna X 1 Hour Tan Lotion using a mitt for even coverage. Allow to develop for an hour, rinse off and pat dry. Then, pop some of the tanning product onto your mitt and use a foundation brush to re-apply along the curves of the body – hollows of the cheeks, side of the tummy and middle of your legs. Wait for another hour and then rinse off.”

If you’re planning a wax around the time you also want to tan, wait at least 24 hours after your wax as pores will still be open.


A hard-working exfoliator will not only help to slough off dead skin cells but will also boost circulation to leave your body looking, and feeling, firmer over time. Go one step further and invest in a body brush, prime to keep your skin in peak condition.

As Caroline Sharp, Product Development Manager at Mio Skincare explains, “Dry body brushing encourages blood flow throughout the body, which not only plumps up skin but improves lymphatic circulation. It also eliminates toxins, which makes skin appear smoother and brighter.” Wondering where to start? “Best done in the morning, start at the soles of your feet and work upwards, always brushing in the direction of your heart. Pay special attention to the back of thighs or areas with cellulite and finally brush your tummy and chest using clockwise sweeps. Do this for a minimum of three minutes, three times per week for a glowing body.”

Tackle Imperfections

Whether cellulite or stretch marks are playing on your mind, a whole host of lotions and potions are on hand to help. While none provide instant results, incorporate these heroes into your beauty regime for smoother thighs and a leaner tummy.

Plump It Up

As breasts are made up of mainly fat and connective tissue, the firmness and elasticity of the skin plays a large part in determining their shape and supportiveness, meaning weight loss, breast-feeding and ageing can all take their toll. Moreover, the delicate skin on our chests is prone to dryness, which can lead to accelerated ageing if left untreated. Want to age-defy your décolletage for a flawless cleavage? These products will help hydrate the skin, thus boosting firmness and smoothing fine lines.

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