How Not To Look Tired

How Not To Look Tired

Running on empty? There are many ways to fake the bright-eyed, radiant look of having enjoyed a full eight hours sleep. Here, Georgia Day shares her tricks...

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Shots Please

When I’m looking particularly exhausted, I need something that’s going to work deep down to give my pallid skin the kickstart it needs. I recently discovered LixirSkin’s Ionic Shots, which work as a booster to its already brilliant Electrogel Cleanser. Simply mix the two together in the palm of your hand and apply. I like to leave it on for ten minutes for a turbocharged cleansing effect, but even if you just apply and rinse it off, it’ll clear out pores, refine texture and brighten skin. 

Make Mine A Mask

At this time of year, a busy schedule usually means compromised sleep. When that happens, it’s my eye area that takes the biggest hit – think dark circles and lots of early-morning puffiness. To tackle this, I swear by Oxygen Boutique’s Rose Quartz Eye Mask. As well as being pretty to look at, it’s instantly cooling (even better if you can keep it in the fridge) and the gentle weight instantly soothes and de-stresses. If you’re into crystals, then you’ll also know rose quartz is thought to stimulate the heart chakra, enhance circulation and deliver more oxygen to the skin. 

Paint It Red

Make-up artists will often use blue-based eye and lip shades to bring out the whites in your eyes and your teeth, and help you to look more awake. For festive season, I’m also a fan of a red lip. Hermès’s Satin Lipstick in Rouge Amazone is my favourite and I can’t tell you the difference it makes to my face. For something less opaque but equally good, Ruby Hammer’s Lip Serum Balm in Red is a great blue-red, and really moisturising to boot. If eyes are more your thing, look for a rich navy-blue eyeliner or mascara to offset any redness from too many late nights. 

Concealer is a mainstay in my make-up bag all year round but when I’m looking especially knackered, it really comes into its own.

Focus On The Eyes

Concealer is a mainstay in my make-up bag all year round but when I’m looking especially knackered, it really comes into its own. To make sure it can do its job properly, a good eye cream is essential. Before I discovered Hourglass’s Equilibrium Eye Balm, my concealer would end up settling into the fine lines around my eyes and make me look worse. Since I started using this super-hydrating but lightweight formula, my concealer (Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Magic Touch Concealer since you ask) works exactly as it should, making my dark circles look far less pronounced.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Tired skin equals dull skin, so at this time of year, I like to reinvigorate mine by loading up with plumping masks, facial mists and serums – basically, anything that’s going to give it a bit of a wake-up call. Augustinus Bader’s new Serum is full of hydrators and fatty acids and, in the short time I’ve been using it, has really made a visible difference to the condition of my skin. For the dehydrated eye area, I can’t get enough of the Decree SOS Revitalising Eye Masks, which, as well as being biodegradable, contain ceramides, squalane and caffeine for a plumping hit. Facial mists are sometimes guilty of just being sweetly scented waters, but Venn Skincare’s Synbiotic Face Mist is a cut above and uses pro and prebiotics to balance skin that’s inflamed, irritated or just feeling out of sync. A lovely way to perk up complexions that start to look drawn halfway through the day.

Don’t Discard Injectables

I’m a big fan of thoughtfully done injectables. Administered by the right practitioner, they can transform a tired face in the way topical products sometimes can’t. First things first, don’t go in with a ton of preconceived ideas about what you think you need. A reputable practitioner will advise you on what will work best for your face and use the tools at their disposal to make you look like a refreshed version of yourself. I rate both Dr Sarah Tonks and Dr Alexis Granite for their expert eyes and judgement, whether it’s a sprinkle of Botox around the temples or a bit of filler to plump out sunken tear troughs.

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